Татьяна Догилева объяснила, что сблизило ее с наследницей The famous actress believes that it was never the perfect mother. Between Tatiana Dogileva and her daughter Katya has long had a strained relationship, the girl does not trust parents. According to the artist, everything changed after the native people suffered a long separation.

      Татьяна Догилева объяснила, что сблизило ее с наследницей

      Daughter Tatyana Dogileva Catherine has followed in her footsteps. The girl trained as an actor in America, but plans to work not only abroad but also in Russia. According to heiress movie stars, in the USA nobody knew the name of her famous mom, so she started her career as an actress.

      Tatyana Dogileva admits to feeling worried for his daughter when he sent her at the age of 17 to another country to study in Cambridge. Kate attended on theater courses, and then began to audition. One of them, she proved so well by reading a monologue that took her to the American Academy of dramatic arts.

      Three years after the test of life in different cities Dogileva realized that the separation went they with Katya, even beneficial. Their relationship became much better.

      “I can say that we’re only brought together. I’ve never been the perfect mother, Kate wasn’t the perfect daughter, but now we probably have more trust each other than it was when she lived at home,” said Tatiana.
      Татьяна Догилева объяснила, что сблизило ее с наследницей

      The actress talks with his successor on Skype and the phone. When Katya received a diploma at the Academy Dogileva came to her in the US to support such a crucial moment. Tatiana said that when he saw what great guys communicates her daughter, all the fears are gone.

      “Now I don’t care. My adult daughter has learned to live independently. Maybe other mothers feel differently, but I am proud that our relationships are mother-daughter in the past and now Kate is my closest and best friend” – says Tatiana.

      By the way, a few years ago, family relationships were strained. Teenage girl suffered from an eating disorder, then Dogileva realized that appearances care about her daughter a lot more than the relationship with the birth mother. Daughter Tatyana Dogileva told, how to survive anorexia

      “It’s like you cease to exist for their own child and not have him any influence. And so scary to realize that you can’t change anything”, – told the artist in an interview with the magazine “7 days”.

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