Дарья Пынзарь скрывает от сына свое участие в проекте «Доме-2» Ex-participant reality show not tell details about life on the telestroke eldest heir. The theme Pynzar doesn’t understand why he want to be photographed by strangers. Daria thinks her son would never be proud that his parents were on the TV project “Dom-2”.

      Last week, Daria and Sergey Pinzari celebrated the day of the birth of the son Theme. The boy was five years old. The child understands that his parents are quite famous people, but does not know what they are famous for. Daria Pynzar, which recently started a blog, dedicated to the education of children does not tell the Subject the details from his past on the project “Dom-2”. According to the star mother, the boy does not know what is a reality show.

      “He asked: “Mom, why show me on TV?”. I tried him to explain something, but of course he does not understand what reality show. Sometimes, people come up, ask to be photographed, and the Subject says “I don’t want to. Why I shoot the people I don’t know?” – said Daria.

      Pynzar spent on the project “Dom-2” for nine years. All this time she learned a lot. According to ex-member of telestroke, it was necessary to survive the conflict and strife, while remaining a man with an unspotted reputation. After leaving the project, some guys had a hard time because they couldn’t earn, but was popular with viewers. “I don’t think that if you visited the “House-2”, then became the star. For me the star is a man with a certain talent. And it is undeniable. People who know how to sing, to draw, to sew clothes. They have achieved success with their work, sweat and blood. To survive in the “House-2″ it is difficult, whatever may be said,” said Daria.

      According to the wife of Sergei Panzara, their son would not brag about the fact that his parents are quite well-known people. Sometimes the Subject sees mom and dad for his autograph or passers-by traffic police. However, Dasha says that her husband hasn’t changed after the blame on their glory.

      “Neither I nor the husband has no star disease. And kids still look up to parents. And then, I’m not the Queen Victoria. What is there to brag about? On the contrary: as if he didn’t have to hide the fact that his parents were in a reality show. Although, actually, is also good. He must learn to fend for themselves,” – said the mother of two children.

      Dasha claims that will support their children in all endeavors. Wife Pynzar try to bring up the Subject so that he was able to make their own decisions. Star mom does not prohibit his heir, but always explains why you need to behave differently. That’s why Dasha has nothing against, if in the future her son will want to participate in a reality show. “We need to give people enough freedom, though under supervision. Otherwise it will still do it your way, but do it secretly”, – shared his opinion of the ex-participant of “House-2” in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

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