Татьяна Догилева: «Несколько лет я прожила в аду»
The actress first spoke about the problems with her daughter.

Татьяна Догилева: «Несколько лет я прожила в аду»

Kate: “In 15 years, doctors diagnosed him with second degree dystrophy”

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Daughter Tatyana Dogileva Kate in childhood was a sickly child: parents constantly drove the girl to the doctors, she was on a strict diet and envied other children who could eat everything. Can be so when to 13 years all diseases and diet is left behind, Kate recovered and looked rosy-cheeked dumpling. “As a child I could not eat anything, then, of course, when the opportunity not to limit myself, I began to lean on all the delicious,” recalls Catherine. — When parents tried to gently hint that I allow myself too much, it was tears and a terrible insult. As a result, I became quite dense girl, but I’m not worried until the beginning of adolescence and I did not hear unflattering comments in his address from the peers.”

In 13 years, Kate joined the online community, where often posted photos of the models “before” and “after”. The girl decided she needs to lose weight. Choosing a diet, she lost 2-3 pounds and posted pictures “before” and “after” in his blog. Then Kate’s mom went to rest in Germany, where not used the Internet. “When we returned, I read the reviews under your photo and was shocked offensive comments,” says Katya. — Probably, thus these people asserted themselves, not realizing what stress I have, unknown to them girls, it will cause. It was a very harsh words, very sick. And I began to lose weight again, now deliberately. Joined the community of dieters on the Internet, tried different diets. Weight went, and I liked the way I look, I have to compliment young people are older than me. Me it sucked, and I set myself another goal — I will be very thin, like Kate moss, will stand out in the crowd, and people just can’t pay attention to me. I dropped the weight to 40 pounds, maybe it’s not such a frightening figure, but in my heavy bones is very small. In 15 years, doctors diagnosed him with second degree dystrophy”.

The result is Katya for a month joined the Institute of nutrition, where it is re-taught with the help of professionals, primarily psychologists.

“You know, anorexia is also a mental illness,” says Dogileva. — The problem is not in the body but in the head. No pleas, entreaties, the more ultimatums at this moment do not apply. You give up, you understand that you can’t help, as she, her head not realize that came to the brink… These girls, among which 13 years was Katya, exist in another world, to which we have not the slightest relationship. It’s like you cease to exist for their own child and not have him any influence. And it’s so scary to realize that you can’t change anything! But worse of all, that at some point you begin to get used to it…”

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Tatyana Dogileva with her daughter Catherine

Photo: Kirill Nikitenko

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