Мы теряем Джейми Оливера!
Famous telepower to relearn as a dietitian…

Jamie Oliver

Fans Of Jamie
Oliver grieve: showman, owner of a chain of hugely popular restaurants and
the author of countless recipes which anyone will begin to flow salivating, said,
I decided to retrain and was studying to be a nutritionist! So you can say goodbye to all not too useful Goodies that are so delicious cooked Oliver…

“I want to get a master’s degree. On
it will take two or three years, but I’m ready for it. I’m going
to change my life!” — said the 41-year-old Jamie during one of his last TV interview.

As soon as Oliver
will complete the training, he intends, in the first place, go to the drafting menu
a healthy diet for schoolchildren. After all, Jamie is familiar with the problem of school Lunches on his own experience: he already has four
children, and soon wife Jules is going to have a fifth!

Jamie is extremely
a responsible father. He loves his siblings, but still tries not to spoil them.
For example, as told by Oliver, recently the two youngest began to pester his
asking to buy them a new expensive scooter. But before their birthdays as before
Christmas is over, and Jamie thinks it is wrong to make such gifts “just
so. And he decided to combine pleasant with useful: you gave them a task to learn
the names of all the plants that he grows in his garden. And what? A few
days later, his youngest daughter and son came to him and proudly announced that he had done
with the task, boldly transferred him all of 30 plus plants! “They’re terribly clever!”
proudly commented on Oliver who had to award the scooters for effort.

Currently, the entire
his “children’s team” is in anticipation of the birth of another child. Jules is due to give birth very soon, but the family still doesn’t know who the baby is a boy or a girl. Jamie and his wife wanted to keep it a surprise for them until the very moment of the appearance of a baby into the world.
Therefore, they have prepared two names for girls and boys. What is still a mystery. Jamie hinted that both are associated with colors. However, no one
no doubt in the fact that Oliver’s wife and never will give your
child some traditional name. And three daughters and a son they called an extremely original: poppy honey
Rose, Daisy Boo Pamela, Petal blossom rainbow and buddy Bear Maurice.

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