Татьяна Буланова: без слез и иллюзий My meeting with the singer, the hallmark of which were sadness and sorrow. But this is only on the stage… In our show business, some stars with whom communication is energizing and positive. A people endowed with such qualities as intelligence and kindness, generally can be counted on the fingers.

      Татьяна Буланова: без слез и иллюзий

      Tatiana Bulanova one of the rare breed. We speak shortly before her birthday, and I again wondered where this fragile woman so much strength and wisdom. For example, the first spouse producer Nikolay Tagrin, the father of her older son Alexander, still works with her and helps around. Always thought that Tatiana on stage and in life – are two different people. The grief and sadness of most of the songs contrasted with the happy female destiny. So last year’s news that after 11 years, as many thought, the model of marriage Tatyana Bulanova and the football player Vladislav Radimov and I broke up, was a shock.

      “Nobody knows what will be next, says today Tanya, maybe we can expect a second wedding, don’t know.”

      And the youngest son of singer Nikita (he is 8 will be on March ten), commented on the incident philosophically:

      – Playing for the second number, because two is the number of the Pope. We communicate a lot, much more than mom. Yes, the parents have personal problems, but for me they are always mom and dad.

      When I ask the singer why its October the social networking message (“don’t know what’s more disgusting – the betrayal of a loved one or friend. Perhaps the betrayal of a close painful and frightening”), she removed two minutes after publication, it responds immediately.

      – Then I long to come and the girl do not communicate. But I’m not a vindictive person and if it is necessary for the business, contact with different people, just try not to get too close.

      – Know that even after the messages you have marked the 11th anniversary of your wedding with Radimov.

      Vladislav invited me, said, “let’s Go?”, I said, “Yes.” From the very beginning of their life together why there were rumors about our divorce, maybe because we were rarely seen together. And I don’t know what will happen next.

      – Soon the football world Cup. Peter will come to many athletes!

      – No, Andrew, with the players, looks like I’m done.

      On the question of what feelings caused her adulterer’s performances in different television studios, Tatiana explains that she was the girl mind:

      – Speak without malice, without malice. I think the man himself imagining more than actually. But because they do not have contact with married men, wait until they’re released.

      Mistress ex-wife Tatyana Bulanova told about their relationship

      And even when we are together with Bulanova look at an excerpt from an interview with the mistress of her former husband, where she describes the touching relationship with his daughter Radimov from his first marriage, and then shows the favorite gift – a fancy Vertu, Tatiana only childish round eyes:

      – This phone Vladik birthday I’m on the money bought. And asked once where he said – my mother.

      Not stellar, clean, bright, dirt does not stick to it, talk about Bulanova friends. But her first love Gennady Volgin, whom they had not seen for over thirty years, admits that he often listens to songs of Tatiana. He’s particularly fond of “Clear my light”: “Listen and remember riding along on a motorcycle”.