St. Petersburg, wandered the globe on foot, trying to distribute the debt

Петербуржец, обошедший земной шар пешком, пытается раздать долги Sergey Lukyanov said that he needs 300 thousand. A man travelling the world, the man spent all savings, pension and the funds that were borrowed from friends and banks. Sergey Lukyanov shared his unusual way to travel and told about the consequences of this venture.

      Петербуржец, обошедший земной шар пешком, пытается раздать долги

      22 months, 21 countries and 23 300 km – here are the numbers that are proud of Sergey Lukyanov. He went on the road on 1 April 2015 and returned on 4 February 2017. “Wife before the journey was not asked, – says Sergey with “StarHit”. – Told her: “Nina, go around the earth walk”… and walked away. Took with him one hundred pairs of socks, a sleeping bag… did not take the Money – was not delayed. Expected to retire in 8 thousand and a credit card. Spent 700 thousand, 300 of them still owe the Bank and friends.

      “I need 2 more million rubles – I want to go back to “the world”, this time across America. I hope there will be sponsors, I can, for example, running shoes advertising.

      Петербуржец, обошедший земной шар пешком, пытается раздать долги

      Ate on the way the cheape – noodles, bread, occasionally drinking from a puddle. Slept at bus stops, and a few times even in the snow. Often I was not allowed in the hotels thought the homeless.

      Thank you, helped good people. Son Daniel created a blog “Vkontakte”, where I wrote about my movements. He published these accounts, transfers came from all over the world. And once in Vienna, I left without a jacket – the old worn and new not have the money. The son threw a cry, and I handed over the jacket. But not all of them treat me positively, some joke when, say, the grandfather dies? I don’t pay attention”.