Ксения Собчак преподнесла сыну ценный подарок The presenter accepts congratulations addressed to the heir. The boy was three months, so star the mother decided to indulge in a new crib. She shared a touching picture with the subscribers confessing that he does not notice how much time has passed since the birth of the baby.

      Ksenia Sobchak impresses fans with his ability to work and ability to combine work and chores associated with raising the young heir. Repeatedly the woman wrote that she is an example which shows other moms how you can manage to multitask and be. Presenter actively attending social events, flying to fashion shows abroad, starring in a talk show, and even Plato, while only three months.

      Maxim Vitorgan was proud of the character of a little Plato

      Sobchak was able to compromise with loved ones, so they are trying to support and look after the baby, if the star wants to leave. The first time after the birth of Plato Xenia made no secret that it’s hard for her to sit at home, she gets very tired from lack of healthy sleep. But now, it seems, the media personality feels great and is not experiencing the difficulties that were there before. She buys boy toys, food and such necessary things like a crib. And is trying to buy the best of everything.

      “Today my son three months. Still can’t get used to these words. How amazingly fast time flies. Gave him a mini – birthday bed. Out of the cradle has grown rapidly. Still chose hand-painted. Beautiful. Should be accustomed to the beauty of childhood”, signed the Sobchak.

      The woman was convinced that her baby needs to get used to the wonderful from the earliest years. Most followers of the presenter agrees with her position. They think that if parents have the opportunity, they should provide everything you need. Xenia, in the opinion of the subscribers, so nice mother that she does not spare time even to search for unusual cradle. Netizens believe that not every parent who can afford this, will be so thoroughly approach the selection of gifts for babies.

      “I admire you, well done, for doing everything for baby”, “Xenia, how are you going to be a mom. Whatever you may say, you’re amazing! You will grow a beautiful baby,” “Mommy, happy baby beautiful crib and his infinite happiness inside”, “VA Give the God of health, to talking about never needed,” wrote a follower on the page of Xenia.

      Some commentators Sobchak began to remember, how they cope with parental responsibilities. The part of the followers noted that Xenia looks great. Someone tried to give the presenter a few tips on how best to organise a time to not feel great fatigue. Apparently, znamenitosti is unfamiliar to you, because she even manages to play sports, to bring back harmony. “There is a long way to its former form. But the road by walking, the straps pull!” – ironic put a star under one of the pictures.