Татьяна Буланова пострадала от рук бандитов The singer was abducted and forcefully taken to the woods. The actress recalled how in 1994 had almost said goodbye to life after a concert in Rostov. In the room of Tatiana and her team rushed the crowd of shaven-headed guys.

      Татьяна Буланова пострадала от рук бандитов

      The end of the last century is often called dashing. It was the heyday of crime, time of crimson jackets and skirmishes between authorities. Not spared by taking place in the country of excitement and Tatiana Bulanov, which in 1994 received the award “song of the year” for the song “lullaby” was at the peak of popularity.

      “What with us then just happened, – says the star. – As it appeared in Rostov, after the concert, they burst into a crowd of shaven-headed guys are clearly not Slavic appearance with a “tempting” offer to ride with them. We began to politely refuse, but the intruders is even more angry, one of them hit entertainer Sasha punched in the stomach, he fell on the floor… Our guards was three times less than these guys had me together with two girls from backup dancers, shaking, to go in standing at the entrance to the hotel “Lada” and obediently sit down.

      “Rushing in the car, night, thugs are silent to our questions, why and where we’re going, don’t answer. Arrived in the woods, at some abandoned summer camp: we mentally said goodbye to life.”
      Татьяна Буланова пострадала от рук бандитов

      The leader of the gang, as I remember, was the name Ruslan, I tried to gently ask him, what we have brought, but didn’t out of nowhere the room flew dancing Gypsies and girls with trays of food. Someone brought a table, some chairs… they were these Caucasians surprise we decided to have – say, they’re my loyal fans. And we almost died from fear! In the end, ate, drank, chatted about life and were safely delivered back to the hotel. But osadochek remained…

      Tatyana Bulanova told about the divorce with her husband

      Not always communicating with the powers that be ended safely. In 1996, our team had to get from Nefteyugansk in Khanty-Mansiysk on the machine – head of the district volunteered to personally drive us to another town. The driver lost control and the jeep flew into the ditch. And there is the swamp in which we are stuck. Fortunately, no one was hurt: they get out of the car, the suspect… Here’s a tractor from the village nearby, pulled out of the car. At the request of the head of the district, another car rushed to Khanty Mansiysk with us to deliver. On time to a concert, of course, to get was two hours late. And it’s not so bad, I don’t have anything to speak, because all my outfits in swampy mire!

      Татьяна Буланова пострадала от рук бандитов

      Have laundered them somehow, came on the scene, and the dress besides that it stinks terribly, and the water from it flows… In mind: “What will people think? Now still catch a cold…” But nothing worked in wet clothes and not even sneezed then never. The fact that I had very good health, confirmed by the following case. In 1994, throughout the country there were constant shortages of water. It could turn off without warning and give only a few hours.

      Remember, we were in Vladivostok. An hour before going on stage I went into the shower, began to twist the faucet and hot water-no… What to do, you ought to gather?! With Taz running, warm time was had under the icy stream to wash.

      Tatiana Bulanova spoke for the first time about the betrayal

      “I remember, stood under the water and scream! Jumped out, shaking. Again and again derives from the wild cold. So about five minutes somehow bathed, walked out of the bathroom, I hear someone at the door Trabant. Threw on a robe, open are my musicians, their faces all frightened. What say going on? Are you shouting, we thought, kill! Told them about his bath treatment, laugh”.
      Татьяна Буланова пострадала от рук бандитов“All those times I have a good exposure was. On the same far East was given as 36 gigs in two weeks. Started in hour of the day to speak, ended at almost midnight. Tired, of course, terribly, both mentally and physically. I have from overwork several times blood from a nosebleed. Well at least not on stage, and don’t even know what would come out of this situation.”

      And I remember the last day of the tour, we come to the station, loaded on the train, starting to unpack. And suddenly a senior in composition, probably to do something nice, for the rest of the volume includes my hit single “no way”! I already screamed: “Guys, please, turn it off. Already sick of these songs”. Apparently, in my voice there was so much horror that the music is immediately interrupted, and the whole trip we spent in complete silence”.

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