Лиза Арзамасова задумалась о перевоплощении в стерву The star of the show “Daddy’s girls” has become a very effective witch. So far, however, only for a short period. But, apparently, the change came to Lisa’s liking. The actress has to think about whether it can demonstrate the nature and klatsnut teeth” in real life.

      Лиза Арзамасова задумалась о перевоплощении в стерву

      During make-up 21-year-old actress Lisa Arzamasova unexpectedly tried on the image of the witch. Looked star “Daddy’s daughters” it is very impressive — some of subscribers of Instagram compared Arzamasova with Mylene Farmer and others remembered the novel “the Master and Margarita”.

      Lisa also wondered about whether she would ever become a real “witch”. And not for another role in theatre or cinema, and in everyday life. Arzamasova was wondering whether it is able to show character in any difficult situation and show real bitch.

      “Freaked out” on the makeup. I wonder if it will work out I ever “witch”? Not on the screen, not on stage, but life, in some hard, fundamental situation? If klatsnut teeth? Sparkle eyes … and fly away on a broomstick to the devil,” wrote Lisa in his microblog.

      Some fans of the actress were quick to dissuade her wish to become a witch. In their opinion, it is absolutely not suitable for the young star. “Do we really need? Aerobatics — the ability to deal with conflict and not to suffer soul loss”, “do Not come out of your witch, you’re kind, gentle and the best!” “No, Lisa, angry of you do not succeed, you were created for kindness and beauty”, “Any negative role it’s not you,” said one.

      But other fans of Arzamasova sure: every woman can be a bitch, it all depends on the situation. “Sometimes it’s better to show teeth than to see how people use you, God Forbid, not to have”, “I Can, life gives us many trials and lessons,” they expressed their opinion in the comments of the post star.

      Earlier in his interview with the young actress Lisa Arzamasova admitted that differs quiet character and doesn’t like to constantly worry and worry about what might happen to her. According to Lisa, it must be by itself, and if something, for example, does not work, so it’s not her.

      By the way, sometimes Arzamasova even feel fear, when you need to speak before a large audience. So she tries to try myself in different projects, for example, in 2013, Lisa made her debut as host of “I’m right”. In addition, as the actress said, she often doubts his every word while you work. The fact that Arzamasova no drama training, and, in her words, it sometimes gets and creates complexes.

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