Дарья Пынзарь мечтает рвануть на море с маленьким сыном A young mother chooses between a vacation in Sochi and Crimea. Daria Pynzar admitted that was very tired from Moscow traffic and wants to escape for a few days on the Black sea. Advice about where to go with the baby, she asked subscribers microblog.

      Дарья Пынзарь мечтает рвануть на море с маленьким сыном

      The former participant of “House-2” Daria Pynzar, less than a month ago became a mother twice and gave her husband Sergei Pynzar adorable son David is already thinking about the family vacation. A young mother lamented the fatigue from your daily routine and decided that to relax it will not prevent. Moreover, Darya plans to not get out to the nearest camp and wants to escape to the sea. Tender age of the second child the young mother, apparently, did not bother. Daria and her husband belong to the category of parents who believe that baby should integrate into the rhythm of the family. Little David during his short life has already managed to go fishing, take a walk at the wedding with mom and dad, and of course, he regularly visits the stores with their active parents.

      Дарья Пынзарь мечтает рвануть на море с маленьким сыном

      And now the youngest of the family Panzara have to travel on the sea in the company of mom, dad and older brother Theme. The case for small – Daria Pynzar have to decide where exactly to go as her family, she chooses between Crimea and Sochi. And the focus the young mother decided on the advice of his followers, whose opinion is asked in a microblog.

      “I straight rolled up, torn in three pieces simple,” lamented Daria Pynzar. – Could monalisa on sea? With my baby of course abroad too early… Maybe the Crimea or Sochi? Tell me where is good? Someone has already traveled this season?”

      The views of the followers of ex-member “House-2” has predictably divided – some suggest parents with a baby to go to the Crimea, claiming that for families with children the best place to find. Others insist that it is necessary to go only in Sochi or Adler. Whose advice to follow Daria Pynzar, her fans soon learn from the microblog. Because as you know, mom star has made no secret of his life and is always eager to share news about yourself in Instagram.

      The exception was, perhaps, only pregnancy Pynzar. Daria said on her microblog to subscribers only after it interesting the situation became too obvious to others. But after Daria opened the secret, she started to please their fans insanely touching the staff, generously sharing with all their state of happiness, in which she remained throughout pregnancy. And that subscribers Pynzar first learned about the birth of her second son David. It happened a joyful event on may 15.

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