Татьяна Буланова сошлась с экс-супругом в особенный день The singer celebrated its 48th anniversary in the company of ex-husband Vladislav Radimov. The actress and footballer had a wonderful time at one of the restaurants of St. Petersburg. Despite the fact that Bulanov and Radimov are divorced, they continue to communicate with each other.

      In December of last year it became known that the singer Tatyana Bulanova broke up with her husband, football player Vladislav Radimov. However, celebrity decided to remain friends. In January of this year, saw them at a hockey game held at the ice Palace. The company ex-spouses was their nine-year son Nikita. A few months later, Tatiana Bulanova celebrated in Saint-Petersburg birthday together with Vladislav Radimov. Apparently, the ex-beloved had a wonderful time.

      “Hometown, dear Tatiana! Happy birthday, krasotulka!” – shared Radimov in his microblog.

      Subscribers athlete joined his congratulations and wished the singer all the best. According to many, Tatiana and Vladislav are great. Some of the fans celebrities have even decided that they have decided to reunite. However, the majority of social network users found that Bulanov and Radimov has maintained a friendly relationship despite the divorce. “Health and success in everything”, “happy birthday, hurrah!” “Very beautiful”, “You have to be together!” “Well done, whatever it was, Tatiana – mother of his son”, “luxury You”, “Love you both”, “How nice to see you two together”, “What you are wonderful! Take care of each other”, – comments left under the post player.

      After some time, Vladislav Radimov has shared a photo taken in the late evening. He noted that it’s time to go on the road. “St. Petersburg-Kazan -Astrakhan. The last two took Shpak didn’t take,” – wrote the athlete on social networks.

      By the way, in a recent interview Tatyana Bulanova said that doesn’t conflict with her ex-husband. According to the artist, they did not quarrel and fight, and the supposed betrayal of Vladislav Radimov, which was widely reported in the press, did not cause the divorce. Bulanov also admitted that watching the news and they were interviewing a fitness trainer Irina Yakovleva declared their connection with a famous football player all over the country. “I know very well Vlad, so I knew somewhere she was telling the truth, and then lied… It yourself with this statement just humiliated. I feel sorry for this man. She herself came up with the story. Girls don’t need to mess with a married man.” – said the singer in the program “Tonight”. Tatyana Bulanova about the mistress of her husband: “I feel sorry for that person”