Дженнифер Лопес рассказала, почему не вернется к бывшему мужу

Internet users around the world now especially vividly discussing the relationship of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. According to several sources close to the couple, this celebrity couple who broke up in the early noughties, are back together, however, is that they are not ready to dwell on the subject.

Instead, Lopez easily speaks about her ex-husband and the father of her children Anthony and Marche on why again they can’t be together.

“I love Mark, but only as a friend and father of their children. Besides, I have objective reasons why I don’t want to resume our relationship. But what I say can’t,” admitted the 47-year-old singer.

Words, Lopez complemented her friends who say that her relationship with Anthony killed his unfounded jealousy: “When Jennifer and mark were together, he constantly gave her scandals. Especially irritated him extremely sexual image of Jennifer.”