Ex-husband Nargiz Zakirova offered a truce after violent threats

Бывший муж Наргиз Закировой предложил перемирие после жестоких угроз The woman said that Philip had forgotten about their quarrel. According to Zakirova, who first called her and offered to finish the trial. Act Balzano pleasantly surprised artist.

      Summer fans Nargiz Zakirova were shocked by the news about her divorce with her third husband, Philip Balzano. The couple lived 20 years of marriage, but last year their feelings had finally cooled off, and they decided to put an end to the relationship. First, the husband and wife planned to leave with dignity, but they failed. Even in the press appeared information that Philip had threatened his ex-wife. The ex-spouse Nargiz Zakirova wants to kill her

      “He got mad and began to write about me different shit and make life difficult. I am not a supporter of PR at any price, but then had to defend myself. Because the mud flowed the streams, there was a talk about some money that my husband expected me to. And I was talking to the press too much…” said Nargis.

      As explained by ex-contestant on “the Voice”, the divorce process extends so far. Besides, to sever relations in the US is quite expensive. Therefore, when Philip made the first step towards reconciliation, Zakirova was very surprised.

      “A few days ago, Philip called and said he was tired of enmity. And even suggested: “let’s solve this peacefully, because we have a daughter. I’ll take the claim,” Just believe my ears couldn’t! We can finally communicate normally by telephone,” said Nargis.

      We will remind that earlier Balzano demanded that the artist gave him some money to pay debts. Nargis even showed the public the screenshot of the letter in which her husband asked for 40 thousand dollars. Moreover, the eldest daughter Sabina Zakirova refused to communicate with Philip in the moment and forbade him to see her grandson. A younger heiress Zakirova, born in marriage with Balzano, supported man.

      The artist believes that can marry for the fourth time. However, at the moment, the singer focused on writing songs, so not looking for love. According to Nargis, she is happy because she has a wonderful son and two daughters.

      “Such wise and beautiful children, an incredible wealth. I have three of them from different marriages, a magical creation. They are completely different, but without each other can not imagine my life, and I without them,” admitted Zakirova in an interview with “Collection. Caravan”.