Tatyana Arntgolts told about the filming of the TV series

Татьяна Арнтгольц рассказала о съемках в сериалах

Recently on the channel “Russia 1” started the series “the Bait for an angel” where the main role performed by actress Tatyana Arntgolts. The girl answered questions about his career in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

Татьяна Арнтгольц рассказала о съемках в сериалах

“Experiences from this work were very good, – says the actress about filming the series. – A completely new company of actors who starred: mark Bogatyrev, Boris Shcherbakov, Tatyana lutaeva… somehow we never crossed paths on set.”

“The story which is told in the series, it seemed to me warm, family, that mysterious past always manifests itself in the present. About relationships, about family values – about what is now not so much talk in the movie. And it is necessary to say as much as possible.” continues the girl.

In the series, Tatiana played the role of the presenter. “You know, the profession of my heroine – not the main thing in the series. Dasha is first and foremost a member of a huge family, besides once adopted. There is only one scene where I lead the program in the Studio. Therefore, we do not have any detailed television behind the scenes. I confess that every time positive heroines in the series are written so naively, with a perfect lifestyle! It seems that they really have nothing to do with living people. So I always try their heroines to come to life, to humanize, to make them recognizable.” says the actress.

Татьяна Арнтгольц рассказала о съемках в сериалах

Tatiana is well aware that in her filmography is much more TV than movies, but she is not going through because of this. It is important for photography and the work of the actress. The girl also said that foreign TV series have a level much higher than the Russian. “Why the Russian series they lose, I also often think about it. Artists we have wonderful, talented people a lot. But I don’t understand why we have so few good writers?!” surprised Arntgolts.

Also, the actress believes that her role in the series “still I love” was one of the most interesting. “This is exactly the scenario where my character was real, with all the vices, eccentricities, nonsense. One of the few I have roles when she was still interesting in the script.” says the girl.

The artist is only interested in the role, over which you can work and bring to it something of their own. In two series described different time frame, but the actress doesn’t care. “Yes, no matter what time lives my character, the role just needs to be interesting. Like the complexity of the role to be able to compete with it, to overcome. It is in the movie and in the theater.” admits Tatiana.

In addition to career of the actress, Tatiana happy mother who is raising 8-year-old Mary Ivanovna. She doesn’t understand the new generation, because they predpochitayut to spend time on the Internet. The actress is pleased that the Russian kinodely often return to the Soviet time in his paintings. “You know, I have a teenage daughter and this generation for me is not very clear. They, unfortunately, are not interested in history, books, and are hostages of machines, computers, and technology. Great if at least the TV they have something to learn about that time. Just want to shot more good, honest paintings.”