New details of the wedding Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender

Известны новые подробности свадьбы Алисии Викандер и Майкла Фассбендера

This summer it became known that Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander are going to enter into a formal marriage, but details about future wedding they kept secret. But nosy journalists were able to learn some of the details and shared them with the public.

Известны новые подробности свадьбы Алисии Викандер и Майкла Фассбендера

A source close to the couple said that the wedding couple will celebrate later this month. The ceremony will be held on the island of Ibiza. The format of the holiday, the future spouses as well kept secret and even guests did not know about it. The invitations they received, only indicated the date and the hotel, which will host the celebration.

In early summer it became known that the star of “tomb Raider” Alicia Vikander and actor Michael Fassbender are now living together. According to a source who blabbed to the newspaper The Sun, the couple bought a house in London, where they will live together. “For Michael and Alicia is a big step. And despite the relatively tight shooting schedule, they do everything possible to spend more time with each other. The guys are now a great period, and they are very happy,” reports a close friend of the couple.

Известны новые подробности свадьбы Алисии Викандер и Майкла Фассбендера“Michael and Alicia moved in together when she started spending a lot of time in the UK for the filming of the new “Lara Croft”. Michael had never permanently lived with a girl, but with Alicia he was serious, so he decided to try. They have a lot of places where they stop and which could call home, but only that, in London, is officially considered to be their love nest. They are very happy,” say the insiders.

The couple chose not to publicize their relationship and keep them secret. Fassbender and Vikander rarely appear together at events and often in the news there were reports about their break-up. Recall that the guys have been together for three years. They met in 2014 on the film “light in the ocean” where they just did play a married couple.

Fassbender plays a lighthouse Keeper Tom, who returns from war and meets Isabelle. Between them masgoret perfectly sense, because of which they decide to live together on a secluded island. Once to the shore swam under the boat with a newborn daughter, whom the couple decides to raise as his own daughter, but have no idea how this choice will respond to their family life.