Татьяна Волосожар заговорила о беременности The figure skater does not exclude that may miss the Olympic games in 2018. According to the athlete, for them husband and this would be a great surprise, and they did not upset would be because of loss of competition.

      Татьяна Волосожар заговорила о беременности

      In August last year, two-time Olympic Champions in pair skating Tatyana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov tied the knot. In an instant, a couple was showered with many questions about how it will shape their life together in the future that they planned to address housing and repair, as well as when fans of the famous skaters we should expect news about the new addition to the family. Lovers never hid that they plan to have offspring, but claimed that they now need to focus on preparing for the Olympics 2018. It was after this, as reported by the spouse, they will reflect on the birth of their first child.

      Apparently, the young couple’s plans changed somewhat. Now Tatiana and Maxim do not exclude that may become parents before the Olympics. According to love, for this reason they can miss such an important for both competitions, and they did not disappoint. Speaking about the preparations for the Olympics, Tatiana Volosozhar emphasizes that to make any statements early.

      “The desire is there, but we’ll see. In the end, there are many factors that may affect our decision: from pregnancy to, for example, injuries – said the skater. -You just don’t qualify in the team. So athletes, being a superstitious people, never say, “Yes, I am going to participate in the next Olympics”.

      By the way, if Volosozhar and Trankov have to miss the competition, it will not be a reason for sadness. The confessions of lovers, being already Olympic Champions, to make this decision not that difficult, especially if we are talking about replenishment in the family. “Olympic gold medals we already have, but baby yet,” explained Maxim Trankov.

      I must say, the skaters have only recently begun to live together. Even after the wedding, Tatiana and Maxim for some time lived in different apartments that were rented for them, the Federation of figure skating. The entire period that the athletes were engaged in repair, they had to spend the night alternately from each other, but no life then out of the question.

      “We dated, slept over each other, but each had its own territory, – says Maxim Trankov in an interview with HELLO!. – I think we are even after the wedding for some time continued to live separately because it was not, so to speak, of conditions for joint residing. Therefore, when completed the repairs, and then moved in together. So family life began only in September”.

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