Sparrows shot a video with the star of the movie “Twilight”

Воробьев снял клип со звездой фильма «Сумерки»

For the filming of the music video Alex Cam Gigandet dyed her hair a dark color.

Alexei Vorobyov once again surprised everyone with his next directorial work. This time “the Bachelor” shot a video for the singer Nastya Curls and even drew the famous Hollywood actor Cam Gigandet, known to the Russian audience for his roles in the films “Twilight,” “Burlesque” and “Never give up”.

With Cam Anastasia and Alexei met in Los Angeles, on the occasion of the award Grammу. The young singer arrived in Los Angeles with friends, planning to combine leisure with work. The girl had to make a Studio recording of new song “Bad Whoa,” written for her by Alex, who has come up for Nasty action script clip.

When Nastya told a new friend about what she will choose for the casting of the actor for the role of “bad Combat,” Cam suddenly said he was ready himself to participate in it, but don’t understand what the casting can be discussed if the best “bad boy” of Hollywood is standing right in front of her!

Nastya took it as a joke and answered that the “bad boy” can not be a blond (at the moment of meeting Gigandet hair were erased to full white).

Nastya and Alex enthusiastically agreed to this adventure on the condition that the Cam will return to its natural color. Imagine the surprise of the entire crew, the next day, Gigandet appeared on the set already dark brown!

“Perhaps this is the most pleasant surprise of my life. Cam I liked a long time, ever since I watched “Burlesque” and “Never give up”, which enters into the twenty of the world’s best motivational sports movies. But the main thing is the Cam was very simple, funny and self-deprecating. And he shared his secrets of how to organically grow into the role. To admit, it works. Check for yourself,” commented Anastasia.

The shooting took place two days in various parts of Los Angeles. It’s a fascinating story of exploring the “home” of the girl and the bully. Sparrows-the Director stayed true to itself is again a small cinema in his signature style. In the clip all in the best traditions of Hollywood: pursuit, shooting, and of course love.

“To work with an actor who is able to quickly and accurately perform any task in the most extreme conditions, is a pleasure for the Director. But I was surprised that almost no acting experience Nastya instantly pulled to their partners and worked these two days is almost equal with them. This is despite the fact that not only Cam, but all of her partners clip – strong Hollywood professionals!” – said Vorobyov.

Best should work with the best, therefore, to perform stunt scenes was invited Debbie Evans, one of the most titled Hollywood female stunt, the stunt double of Angelina Jolie (including in the film Bekmambetov) and many other Hollywood stars.

But Nastia was so fascinated that the first trick performed on their own. Under the leadership of Vorobiev singer masterfully took the classic “Mustang” 1965 to present drift, than scared the hell out of the entire crew.

“Well, looks like I’m not needed,” laughed Debbie Evans, when after the command “Stop!” the flock was cleansed Nastya and Cam from a thick layer of dust and sand that covered them from head to toe…

“When Mustang with our heroes emerged from the clubs has risen from drifting dust and I saw completely covered with sand the Cam, I realized that the brace will not be, – with laughter remembers Alex. But Cam was not only professional, but also a true extreme sports enthusiast, like me! And, otplevavshis from the sand, courageously made a few more laps!”

The main star of the set was very impressed from the work of Alex and the song “bad boy”, which, according to him, became his favorite hit.

“It was great, and I had these two days! To work with such professionals as Alex, always a pleasure, and when the work to ride with my beautiful partner on cool cars – this is great work. And most importantly – I now have a favorite Russian song – “bad boy”. I’ve listened to it in hot rotation on these two days! I can’t wait to see what happened, even if they have to fly to Moscow”.

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