Наоми Кэмпбелл: о подарках Владимира Путина, расовых предрассудках и любимой маме

Naomi Campbell

48-year-old supermodel Naomi Campbell have something to remember and have a story to tell. Which she did in a new autobiography that will be released in April. Here are the most striking quotes from the upcoming book.

About gifts of Vladimir Putin:

I have nothing to do with politics, but like to get acquainted with political leaders and learn about from them about what they are doing to change life in their country for the better. When a political leader gets my invitation, we are invariably surprised, but meetings are always very soulful. For example, the late President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez has allocated two days to show me Caracas and the surrounding area. In addition, I was fortunate to meet with Vladimir Putin, when he was still Prime Minister. When I arrived in Moscow, in a hotel room waiting for me a gift from him – books on martial arts (it’s one of his Hobbies). A few days later, I participated in a summit in St. Petersburg, where we managed to communicate through an interview.

It turned out that he has a great sense of humor! I’ve always wanted to meet Kim Jong Il. He is no longer with us., but if it were possible, I would ask him: why did he decide to close their country against the rest of the world.

Наоми Кэмпбелл: о подарках Владимира Путина, расовых предрассудках и любимой маме
Vladimir Putin and Naomi Campbell

About the first family and fashion experience:

Up to 12 years, I was mainly under supervision of the grandmother. My mother, Valerie, was a dancer and lived in Italy and then in Switzerland. I was always happy when she came home, and was sad when she had to leave. My mom was so stylish and graceful. When I was 12-13 years old, she taught me a model of the sinking house in the hallway. Played Lionel Richie, and I could see the spacecraft as it goes back and forth in time to the music. For 13-14 years I already had a clear idea about what I want to wear. I probably could be called a goth: loved the long black dress and jacket and wore to school shoes Dr. Martens.

Наоми Кэмпбелл: о подарках Владимира Путина, расовых предрассудках и любимой маме
Naomi Campbell’s mother Valerie

About the beginning of a modeling career:

I remember the day I first noticed on the street a modeling agent. It was a warm day in April, and I’m hanging out with friends after school. Suddenly I was approached by a woman and asked did I ever to try myself in model business. It was Beth Boldt, head of the Agency Synchro. My instant reaction was surprise and excitement. But when I told about the offer my mother, she did not share my enthusiasm and is not supported. We’ve all heard horror stories about girls who pay huge sums, so they took the pictures, but in the end left with nothing. My mom wanted me to continued my studies and passed all the exams. But after a few weeks I went to Beth herself.

During my first visit, she divided my hair in middle parting, did the makeup and took to the roof, where he made several black-and-white pictures – in school uniforms. Eventually mom relented and allowed me to do filming, but only on the condition that it will not interfere with my studies and exam preparation.

Наоми Кэмпбелл: о подарках Владимира Путина, расовых предрассудках и любимой маме
Naomi Campbell backstage at Azzedine Alaia show

Of nonrandom coincidences:

When I was 16, I was first invited to Paris. I then stole all the money. I didn’t know that all valuables had to hide in the safe, and simply left without anything. I didn’t know anyone in Paris, so the company went for a fitting with another model – Amanda Cazalet. She had a fitting with the designer. It turned out to Azzedine alaïa. That’s how we met.

Of course, I had no idea who it is. But he was very kind to me. He called my mom, talked to her and offered to stay with him. Since then, every time I come to Paris, I always stayed with him.

Thanks to him I met amazing people: Tina Turner, Jerry Hall, grace Jones. The Azzedine always creates brand around themselves a family atmosphere. Sometimes I think not having a father, I unconsciously look for in men, admired, a typical paternal quality. So, Azzedine I call “dad”. And he calls me “my daughter”.

Наоми Кэмпбелл: о подарках Владимира Путина, расовых предрассудках и любимой маме
The Azzedine Alaïa

About racial prejudice:

When I began my modeling career, I was often denied because of the color of my skin. But I decided that I will not let this break me. Even then I realized what it means to be black. This means that you always have to give twice more than all your competitors. You have to be twice as better than the others!

On cooperation with Vogue:

In 1987, I starred in her first cover of British Vogue. During shooting I did not know that I would put on the cover. I was told that we just “try” and look at the result. The photographer was Patrick Demarchelier. He was a real gentleman. And then I found out that appear on the December cover. I looked at all of these covers – Christy (Turlington), yasmin (Le Bon), and thought, “wow, now I’m among them!”.

Next year I appeared on the cover of the June issue of Italian Vogue, shot by Steven Klein. He is a terrific professional, but the shooting was difficult because the makeup artist did not bring the desired for my skin tone basis. Since then I always take with me for shooting your own cosmetics. Three months later, I appeared on the cover of French Vogue, and in September 1989 Anna Wintour put me on the cover of American Vogue.

Наоми Кэмпбелл: о подарках Владимира Путина, расовых предрассудках и любимой маме
Naomi Campbell in a shoot for Vogue

About the worst time:

The year 1997 was one of the worst in my life. I lost very many close friends. Was killed son bill Cosby dead my good friend John Cappola, Michael Hutchins. But I didn’t have time to authorisati on them, how did you find out about the murder of Gianni Versace It was a real kick. Remember then cruised from party to party to numb the pain, but it didn’t help.

About Barack and Michelle Obama:

I met Barack and Michelle Obama back in 2005 – at a Ball at the house of Oprah Winfrey. Barack is very inspiring, and Michelle is an incredibly smart and friendly. She said that for a long time watched my career and was a fan of the brand Azzedine Alaia. I remember the scandal that erupted after its appearance in his dress on one of the important events – all because it was not from the American designer.

I was actually defending Michelle, referring to the fact that Azzedine always been one of the most tolerant in the fashion business and have always worked with dark skinned models. So why can’t she wear that dress? There was one American designer who openly criticized her. Remember that time I thought – I wonder how soon his campaign will first appear dark-skinned model? And Michelle just looked very good the dress.

Наоми Кэмпбелл: о подарках Владимира Путина, расовых предрассудках и любимой маме
Naomi Campbell and Michelle Obama

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