Sergei Svetlakov got into a love triangle

Сергей Светлаков попал в любовный треугольник
The actor starred in the new film “the Bridegroom” and himself as its produced.

Сергей Светлаков попал в любовный треугольник

Sergey Svetlakov

Photo: PR Agency “Sarafan”

In the fall of 2016 Sergei Svetlakov and Alexander Nezlobin are preparing to present
his new Comedy “the Groom”. This is the debut
nezlobina directorial work, produced by Svetlakov.

“For me, the film
“The groom” — debut. Our film really gets good, and as
any such product it pulls a lot of improvements, including the sound,
the chart,” says Nezlobin.

Sergey Svetlakov and played in the movie, and one of the main roles — the former husband of the woman who is going

“Name “Groom” could not be better
fits our cinema, it reflects his sense of humor and the essence, and the slogan ”
my wife have a boyfriend!” immediately immerses the viewer in an anecdotal story, —
said Svetlakov. For simplicity of our
the title hides a classic “love triangle” and a good
honest humor, based on our your home some story – “the German 9th may
come to Russia to propose to the Russian beauty…”. Film
us the bomb!”

Sergey Svetlakov

Photo: PR Agency “Sarafan”

The plot of the film is simple. German
Helmut (Philippe Reinhardt) arrives in Russia to make an offer
Russian beauty Alena (Svetlana Martsinkevich) , with which they met in
Berlin. The happy couple went to the village to meet the relatives of the bride.
However, there also arrives and the ex-husband of Alena Tolya (Sergei Svetlakov)
suddenly decided to return his wife. It turns into a romantic rivalry,
in addition to Felts and Helmut, interfering with their friends, relatives, and
other villagers — businessman Erofeev (Sergey Burunov), who bought a house on
the neighborhood lost a tank driver and even a snake.

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