Tatiana Volosozhar Maxim brings Trankova to panic attacks

Татьяна Волосожар доводит Максима Транькова до приступов паники The happy parents talked about the education of little Angelica. In recognition of the Maxim Trankova, he is constantly worried about his wife and daughter. If they go for a walk and did not return, the man finds no place because of the unrest.

In February 2017 Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov said the addition to the family. The couple gave birth to a charming girl called Angelica. The couple recognized that the birth of their daughter changed their lives. Recently, the athletes gave an interview in which he told about the child’s upbringing and shared plans for the future.

According to Tatyana, with the care of the baby helping her mother. Due to a busy schedule the woman is not always possible to constantly be around the baby. Close skater sympathetic to her requests and are always happy to spend time with the child. When Tatyana finds a minute, she tries to devote her little Angelica.

“Maxim also helps. He’s great with the baby: can and night to get to her and change a diaper. But I don’t want too much to weigh him down with worries about her daughter. You know, for example, that cling to Likeso him harder than me, and not asking. And everything else he’s doing fine and smoothly agrees. And he has one duty to worry for us with Lika,” he told star sports.

Maxim Trankov confirmed his wife’s words. The athlete says that she has often worried about Tatiana and the baby. In recognition of the men, he demands that his family members were always in touch. Otherwise Trankov gets anxious.

“I am for Tanya always worried. Although well aware that it is very tough physically, but mentally probably even stronger than me. But this does not prevent me worry. It’s so small and fragile! And now to the excitement for the wife added to the excitement for her daughter. Worth it for the fifteen minutes linger, I start to twitch. And on the phone. Tanya is not always suitable – feed or places, and I have a panic attack: “I guess something happened, why is she not picking up?” – said Maxim.

Knowing how Trankov refers to relatives, the Ministry has asked him not to attend the birth. Therefore, the skater has prepared for a possible long wait and downloaded the series for viewing in the perinatal center. As soon as Maxim settled down and started to watch a movie, told him about the baby.

When the athlete saw Angelica for the first time, he initially was afraid to take her in his arms. Eventually he succeeded to overcome the fear. The baby is now nine months and she got two tooth. According to the happy parents, the girl grows very active, not only crawling but trying to walk. Not so long ago, Angelica was given the first skates, writes, “Telenedelya”.