Marina Afrikantov dared to breast augmentation surgery because of the complex

Марина Африкантова отважилась на пластику груди из-за комплексов Participant of “House-2” is to succeed in the modeling business. Marina Afrikantov very worried about the operation, since it is not always the result lives up to expectations. However, the doctor allayed the fears of the stars of the reality show and advised to increase the bust by two sizes.
Марина Африкантова отважилась на пластику груди из-за комплексов

Three years ago Marina Afrikantov became a member of the reality show “Dom-2”. She tried to build relationships with different men, who were happy that such a spectacular girl paid attention to them. Now after a loud parting with Andrey Chuyev, she found solace in the arms of 18-year-old boy.

Nevertheless, Marina does not believe his appearance reference. She intends to become more confident. Afrikantov unhappy with the breast size. She drew attention to the fact that the female half of the colleagues on a reality show has curvaceous. The star of “House-2” wants to go under the surgeon’s knife, although it admits that she has some concerns about this.

“Almost all the girls in the Clearing, confident the Troika, and I have the first size. I think it’s time to fix it. But there is a fear of a foreign body inside me. I’m afraid not stand it psychologically. And they say, reduces the sensitivity of the nipples” – shared his fears Afrikantov.

Marina hopes that big Tits will help her to pave the way in the modeling business. 28-year-old participant of “House-2” believes that appetizing forms she will become more attractive for photographers.

Marina Afrikantov seduces 18-year-old macho

Afrikantov very worried about what may be dissatisfied with the result. Marina is trying to gather as much information as possible from those who have done a similar operation.

“I’m very self-critical if suddenly does not like the result, just go crazy. Before you schedule a consultation, talked to every girl in every project that did the operation. Honestly, not at all like” – honestly said Afrikantov.

She already chose a specialist that ventured to go on this vitally important issue. The medic says that on the restoration the girl will have to spend only a month. It is through this time Afrikantov will boast of elegant forms. As stated by the surgeon edition of “House-2”, it is recommended that the participant of a reality show to enlarge Breasts by two sizes.