Татьяна Тотьмянина и Алексей Ягудин неделю боролись за новорожденную дочь

In October last year has been joyful for Totmjanina Tatiana and Alexei Yagudin event. Skaters for the second time became the parents. In athletes, a girl was born who was named an unusual name Michelle.

Today, a few months after the baby was born, Tatiana decided to tell, with what difficulties the family had to face after the baby is born.

As it turned out, Michelle was born premature and was connected to a respirator, unable to breathe on her own.

About the weeks she spent in intensive care, while her parents prayed for the health of youngest daughter. Common efforts the condition of the newborn was able to stabilize and improve — on the seventh day the daughter of Olympic Champions began to breathe independently.

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