Алена Водонаева вернулась к жениху TV presenter has published an intriguing statement. Alena Vodonaeva has publicly expressed words of love and gratitude to those who are close to her. These thoughts became the caption to the photo with the ex-boyfriend of the star.

      Алена Водонаева вернулась к жениху

      Former star of “House-2” and now TV presenter Alena Vodonaeva, it seems, misled by their numerous fans. She shares the details of his personal life, however, makes this a very intriguing way. Most fans speculated – was it over the star with her fiance, businessman Anton Korotkov, or not.

      Recently leading showed on his page on Instagram, regarded it as fans, weekdays strong, independent and free woman. However, a new photo of Alena says that her life remains Anton. In the picture published by the star, she holds the hand of a mysterious companion, whose face is not visible. The most attentive followers Vodonaevoy it was easy to guess that this is Korotkov.

      In addition, an intriguing signature of leading gave her fans even more confidence that the relationship with the groom at Vodonaevoy was adjusted. “One day everything changed in one day. I will never forget this day, and are grateful to everyone who has contributed to change. And I would say how much I love those who have been there beside me. But I’m afraid I don’t have enough words to Express the depth and breadth of such love and gratitude” – wrote the star.

      Interestingly, more recently, Helen and her lover Anton held in Thailand a few weeks. It would seem, in conditions of full rest the couple should not be places for fighting. However, Vodonaeva found a reason to get angry at the groom. After lunch in the café the man was forgotten in the school the purse, in which lay the rights of the ex-participants “Houses-2”. Fortunately, lost property was returned to the owner.

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