Шнур выгнал из «Ленинграда» Алису Вокс

The beautiful soloist performed bawdy song. And on stage it was replaced at once two girls: the blonde and the brunette.

Alice herself VOX on this turn of events, it seems, is not greatly offended: still more than three years spent in the “Leningrad” it has taught. And farewell to Sergei, she was clearly ready: rumors that the Cord decided to let Alice come on immediately after the release of the song “Exhibit”. The singer, who performed “louboutins-tries and a drop dead pants”, has gained such enormous popularity that hardly has not eclipsed the most Shnurov. Sergei and decided that the girl “zazvezdilsya” and it’s time to leave.

However, the General public, about the care of Alisa VOX from “Leningrad” became known only today in the evening, when the singer appeared at a concert “Leningrad” in Moscow club Stadium Live.

In his Instagram wrote Alice that leaves a band and starts a solo project.

“I decided to leave the band “Leningrad”, and start your solo project! I’m very glad that I can share with you all this new stage in my life. Working with Sergei Shnurov gave me a huge experience in stage life, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to develop and improve. Also, I thank all the musicians and people close to the group that were with me and supported me for the last 3.5 years. Wish me luck on this new way, and soon catch you again!”, – appealed to his numerous fans now ex-soloist of the popular Russian group.

Sergey also commented on the situation, the more that is Alice on the stage beside him were seen two so far unknown girls: the blonde and the brunette.

“I keep asking: where is Alice? In my opinion, a stupid question because obviously she’s not here. But the answer is we song will be performed by Adolfi (one of the band members. – Approx. Woman’s Day), – shouted into the microphone Sergei Shnurov.

After that, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” was a new song of the band, the name of which is,simply speaking, sounds like “go back to where you were born”.

In General, the Cord is made in his style. But jumping out was the news about the affair with 42-year-old Sergei and 28-year-old Alice was a complete “duck”: the Cord was still happy with his wife Matilda. Recently the couple opened in St. Petersburg a new restaurant.

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