Leading “eagle and Tails” Regina Todorenko almost killed in Bangladesh

Ведущую «Орла и Решки» Регину Тодоренко едва не убили в Бангладеше

No sooner had the leading “heads and Tails” Regina Todorenko to move away from the attack Johannesburg, as nearly was the victim of angry women in Bangladesh. They didn’t like that the girl was too naked by their standards, and they did it like they do with things – I decided to hammer it with rocks.

Ведущую «Орла и Решки» Регину Тодоренко едва не убили в Бангладеше
The shooting occurred in the city of Dhaka. Regina had on a long dress to the floor, but with a cut knee. It showed the local residents too blatant and unacceptable behavior, they began to throw in Todorenko stones. The presenter had to take my beautiful legs in my hands and quickly retreat.
In General, countries from Regina will remain in the memory of the bad memories and bruises. The incident with the women was not the last misfortune, facing Regina. Wishing will appeal to local kids, bought the leading Ukrainian sweets. Wishing it was so much that they knocked her down, breaking her “lucky” dress and backpack.
Recall that during the filming of the programme in South Africa, the team at its head got in the most disadvantaged area of Johannesburg, Hillbrow.

Right in the middle of white day to Regina and the operator came several black, and, threatening with a knife, demanded to give all valuable. The operator is not confused and threw her attacker, but Regina was shocked by what happened and very scared. Running to help the operator scared daring of the robbers and they escaped in the crowd. Todorenko a long time to recover and sobbing from the experience of stress.

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