Татьяна Тарасова жестко высказалась о провале молодых фигуристов на Олимпиаде Famous coach is dissatisfied with the performance of Mikhail Kolyada. She noted that not enough modern athletes train a lot, because of what they have problems with the program. Party Games were quick to respond to criticism of Tatiana Tarasova.

Olympics in South Korea is now in full swing. All the attention of sports fans riveted to the skaters. Recently hosted the first competition of the men singles, but athletes from Russia, made far from ideal.

So, figure skater Mikhail Kolyada fell during execution of one of the most difficult jumps. Despite the embarrassing mistake, he hastened to get up and continue the performance. At the end of the competition day, the young man took eighth place.

Famous coach Tatiana Tarasova was extremely dissatisfied with the numbers of Russian skaters. She spoke harshly about the level of their training.

“To be our could not. I don’t koshmary carols, but he did go on minus three and a half. It is unclear why the decline is considered to have “made”. Everyone is a failure, and they have done. Everything comes from training, there is the same. While others admire and want to admire our. Hopefully, one day it will happen. Now everyone is talking about Asians – but sorry, before Asians or what was not, in the days of Yagudin and Plushenko? What Asians then sat in jail the whole country?” – said Tarasova.

According to coach young figure skaters need to conduct a serious review with the mentors, to consider a more complex program, which will help at least to come closer to a Japanese athlete, who took gold.

Sam Mikhail Kolyada strongly disagree with the opinion of Tatiana Anatolievna. He noted that sufficient training, and proper execution of the jump depends not only on perfect technique, but also on luck.

“She’s not my trainer. I say: while I’m here, do not read the media, and even rentals your not seen”, – said the athlete.

Recall that both the Russian figure skater-single skater fell during the rental at the Olympic games. Dmitry Aliyev, who according to the results of the performance took seventh place after a bad jump bashed her face on the ice. The fans hope that the young man was not seriously injured and will continue to play in international competitions.

To protect domestic skaters stood up and Maxim Trankov. He agreed that Mikhail Kolyada Dmitry Aliyev are not in perfect shape, but the leaders of the team have all chances to become a truly outstanding athletes.

According to Trankova, Michael needs a lot more work to prove your skill level. “His God-given so very much, he is very talented. The only Europeans who can skate and just jump. Yet something is missing in the preparation, I guess. I think he and the coaches will analyze it. You know, he helps Nina Mozer is a great analyst. Everything is fine it should be”, – Maxim has told to the newspaper “Sport-Express”.