Tatiana Ovsienko trying to get along with the groom after prison

Татьяна Овсиенко пытается ужиться с женихом после тюрьмы
At the beginning of may to the famous singer Tatyana Ovsienko returned from prison fiancé Alexander Merkulov.

Татьяна Овсиенко пытается ужиться с женихом после тюрьмы

The man stayed in the colony for six years. The beloved singer received term for attempt at the businessman.

At the moment the lovers are lapped with each other and establish a life.

“On the fifth of June was only a month since he’s home. And again, our relationship starts first. In this separation we have already wrote many letters to each other, because I already knew where he was, what happened to him. This year we had to just to survive. And so we did. Now the “grinding” begins anew. Not to say that to us it is easy, but I know it should, otherwise nothing,” – said Tatiana.

In recognition Ovsienko, all the time when her partner was in prison had been tough on her.

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