Pregnant Rita Dakota tick

Беременную Риту Дакоту вывели из себя The singer does not understand the complaints of fans. Now Rita Dakota for a child, but tries to lead a normal lifestyle. However, in some women, her desire to travel while waiting for baby is perplexing.

Graduates “Factories of stars” Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky soon become parents for the first time. Despite the fact that now she is in joyful anticipation of the baby, she tries to lead a normal lifestyle – indulging in the gastronomic habits, happy appears on the social events and travels. At the weekend the couple went to Montenegro to congratulate your friends on their wedding day. After the celebration, the couple decided to relax in the city on the coast of the Adriatic sea. Pregnant Dakota lit on a luxury wedding of a friend in Montenegro

“Moved to Budva, close to Tusa. The beach, by the way, there’s much worse and colder sea, but who cares when the company is perfect, and we know such places,” wrote Rita in the microblog.

This phrase has caused a surprise to some followers of a celebrity. Followers criticized the actress for what she continues happily to have fun in spite of the pregnancy. Rita was so angry the words of the followers that she could not resist and wrote back a comment.

“And pregnant, in your opinion, you can’t hang out with friends and husband? Or do I now just “closer to the sanatoriums for the elderly” or better yet “closer to the cemetery,” God forgive me?” – says the artist.

The fans fully supported Rita Dakota and agreed that during the child’s expectations should not sacrifice the usual things and change your routine. “What happiness to feel good during pregnancy! Positive emotions mothers and a healthy nervous system of the baby. Rita, you are beautiful!”, “Rita, good to rest and go to travel. The child is, of course, everything can also be done, but it will be different, very different”, “these are the ladies and create the stereotype that pregnancy is a disease,” he defended a graduate of “American idol” fans.

After Rita announced her pregnancy, she decided to share the experience with fans. She promises that in the blog will tell about all the she has to face in anticipation of the birth of the baby. However, the singer was quick to warn that its recommendations may not be suitable for all without exception. She made emphasis on the fact that every body is different, and therefore it is necessary to consult with doctors.

“I have to fly there are no contraindications, and I’m allowed to fly where I want and how much you want. For those who are here for a long time not a secret, what mad travelers, my husband, why change something in my life dramatically with pregnancy you shouldn’t have, neither in our opinion nor in the opinion of our doctor. Therefore, for the pregnancy we have been in Singapore, in new York, the Maldives and now in Montenegro. Even over the summer we have planned Greece may Ibiza and definitely Los Angeles,” said the graduate of “factory of stars”.