Татьяна Навка взяла двухлетнюю Надю на праздничную вечеринку The Olympic champion posted on his Instagram a touching photo with the youngest daughter. The athlete was happy that we were able to celebrate a major event with the closest friends and relatives. Members noted that Tatyana is more likely to share family staff.

      Tatiana Navka has posted on his page on the social network along with the younger daughter Nadia. The woman made it clear to followers that she is sincerely glad that the New year is celebrated with family. Members have vividly otreagirovali for a picture with the heiress. They wrote that the mother of two children looks happy. Fans congratulated Navka and her family with the holidays, and was glad that the baby is celebrating the New year with my mom.

      Nadia appeared on the evening in a white dress and a carnival mask. Many expressed the opinion that the girl really suits this image and thanked Tatiana for the opportunity to see how they celebrated this holiday.

      “Mom and daughter! What could be better”, ” How happy I am for you! Glad you and your daughters!”, “I congratulate you heartily with such a cool holiday that can unite the whole destiny. In your case, you have the opportunity to escape from work and stay with relatives”, “Your daughter is a real Princess. Her health and your family”, “Tatiana you with daughters are adorable! And you such positive in all cases: Tolley slides vircom, or in the jury KVN – everywhere, than to not do it! I’m fascinated with the New year, all the best to you and your families,” wrote members in the social network.

      Some time ago, Tatiana Navka published online a video of the ski resort, which flew along with her daughters Alexandra and Hope.Skater not afraid to share a video that shows how it conquers the snowy slopes. However, she failed one maneuver, and she fell.

      The daughter of a celebrity Alexander also actively shares photos from Christmas vacation. Members of the girls think she’s lucky to fly on vacation to a ski resort. They praised the family of the grooves for the desire to have a family active vacation. Followers was encouraged by the words of Tatiana, who said that life is beautiful, despite the setbacks.

      “Smile! The main thing to believe in yourself, believe in goodness, to live with love in heart and smile more often, even despite the fall,” – wrote Navka.

      Many followers also noticed that the festive table skater was decorated in clear in the Russian tradition. Many were surprised that the Christmas table was decorated with dolls, though, apparently, the party was held in a foreign restaurant.

      “What an interesting development!”, “So funny to see in the New year drying with jam, you done that made everything just so”, “Tatiana, how lucky are your family that you are so sensitive and even on vacation do not forget about the table setting,” comments the enthusiastic users of the Network.