Брэд Питт не смог отметить Новый год с детьми The ex-wife of actor decided that meetings with children at Christmas he was enough. The woman decided to spend the holiday without my ex-husband. She took the children and together with them left in Colorado. Apparently, that’s where the family had planned to escape from the artist.

      Brad pitt couldn’t celebrate the New year with family. The actor was able to see my kids on Christmas, but on the second occasion he failed to reunite with loved ones. December 25, Angelina Jolie took heirs and left with them in Colorado. According to sources, the actress and the children were remarked walking out of the store with toys.

      Angelina Jolie let brad pitt to spend the holiday with family

      Apparently, in Colorado, Jolie spent the first new year’s eve. Insiders have not yet reported as to this decision the ex-wife took Sam brad pitt. Because as you know, the last meeting of men with their own children was very welcome. Angelina personally organizovala the exchange of gifts between family members. Psychologists who attended this event, not noted for pitt anything to let the meeting with the heirs.

      It should be recalled that every meeting with her six children, brad pitt is under the strict supervision of a medical professional. About that both spouses have agreed long before the holidays. According to the requirements of the ex-wife of the artist, it is necessary once a week to be tested for the presence of blood alcohol and narcotic substances, and also communicate with the therapist who decides when it is best to meet with the heirs.

      Obviously, this scenario is not very pleasing to the head of the family, but he fulfills all the requirements. The man has repeatedly noted in interviews that the most important for him is the possibility of spending time with Maddox, Paxam, Saharai, Shiloh and twins Vivienne and Knox.

      It is noteworthy that Angelina Jolie is trying to move away from brad pitt. After filing for divorce she moved moved in a rented mansion on Malibu beach, and from there to the home on hidden-hills. Anyway, obschestvennosti still wondering why the perfect relationship, which began in 2004, could result in such a loud scandalous divorce. Sources believe that the story of Jolie and pitt are going to take an unexpected turn.