Вячеслав Манучаров вновь стал отцом The actor announced the birth of a son. Apparently, the heir to actor appeared on the first day of 2017. No details Vyacheslav Manucharov yet did not disclose. At the moment he accepts congratulations with the addition to the family.

      New, 2017-th year began to Vyacheslav Manucharov with a very happy event came to light by his son. About the appearance of the heir to the light artist announced to subscribers of his microblog, leaving a laconic caption to the tiny legs of the baby. “My son was born,” was all that announced the actor fans. In an instant the page of Vyacheslav filled with numerous congratulations from fans, the star friends and colleagues. One of the first warm wishes left Olga Orlova. Then joined by Valeria Anna Shulgin, Irinakremin, as well as many other friends of the artist, for whom the news of the birth of his son was a pleasant surprise.

      Many noted that this is a very good start for happy year. “Already started!”, “Slavochka, healthy little angel and mom”, “Grow healthy and happy,” “Reliable Guardian angel baby,” write subscribers Manucharov.

      To many questions about weight and height of a newborn baby, as well as the name of the kid actor is not responsible, limited only by the words of gratitude to those who hastened to share in those happy moments.

      By the way, the kid began to Manucharov first son. The man already has two daughters – Arina and Nina. The youngest child of the artist came to light last year. Manucharov for the upcoming holiday is the perfect occasion to gather the whole family around the table. With these plans, the artist and accompanied 2016-th year. Vyacheslav told me that he has big plans for the coming holidays, and he expects to play the role of Santa Claus for their children.

      “This year will be no exception – we will meet our big family in a country house and we’re gonna celebrate the whole week! And since my friends are like my family members, the door of my garden are always open to them. I think that one of them will drop in to visit us during the winter holidays,” confessed the actor.