Татьяна Навка учит младшую дочь плавать The Russian skater is in Sochi, where dancing in ice shows. All the free time a woman spends with her daughter Hope, who is touring with his mother. On the eve of Tatiana Navka taught the baby to swim in the pool.

      The famous figure skater Tatiana Navka is currently in Sochi with her younger daughter Hope. On the shore of the Black sea at the moment is the show “Carmen” in which the athlete is dancing on the ice, playing a major role. His spare time is devoted to the heiress goes with her to the beach to sunbathe and teaches the baby that will soon be two years, to swim. However, the famous figure skater decided to start their lessons in the space of the pool as the sea is strong waves. In Sochi in recent days is very changeable weather.

      Video posted by Tatiana Navka (@tatiana_navka) Jul 4 2016 2:58 PDT

      In the video, which the Pastor shared with the followers on his microblog, shows how little Hope jumps into the water from the side of the pool and, moving arms and legs, swims to mom. “It’s important to give the child a chance!”, – signed frame star mother.

      Followers “Instagram” skater marveled at the ability of Nadya. “Good boy!”, “Cool! All in mother!”, “What is fearless”, “Great! Also going to teach so their children!”, – wrote followers in the comments to the video Navka.

      The day before mother and daughter could sunbathe on the pebbly beach, but were ready to leave at any time as weather forecasters prognozirovanie heavy rain and thunderstorm.

      Nadia grows a copy of their parents. Many fans of Tatiana say that the girl is quite tall, although she is not yet two years old. When the baby was born, the skater was worried that the second daughter Sasha will be jealous of the parents to the second child. At that moment, the heiress of the grooves just experienced puberty. Tatiana Navka was afraid that the older daughter take the younger According to Tatyana, now the girls get along great.

      “Oh, it is love. Nadia just thrilled when he sees Sasha. She runs to her room – their room-bedrooms are near to knocking her. I think Nadia actually loves us all, ” said Tatiana. – Sasha was 14 years old when Nadia was born. A difficult age. Of course, she was afraid, of course, did not understand how it goes – it used to be for me only one on the entire planet. But when sister was born, everything was decided by itself – nadyusha us so much happiness brought! Well, it’s impossible not to love, she is a very bright, kind, Sunny – in fact, as Sasha is mine.”

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