Марина Африкантова сошлась с главным сердцеедом телестройки After the departure of Andrey Chueva of “House-2”, his ex-fiancee came out of the novel with Ivan Bursikova. The young man has long been known to the project participants, as a conqueror of female hearts.

      A month ago one of the brightest pairs of “House-2” again severed relations. Marina Afrikantov and Andrey Chuev six months preparing for the wedding, and even rehearsed it in the competition “Wedding in a million”, where they, however, failed to take first place. However, the triumph was not destined to take place. The formal reason for the breakup was a misunderstanding in the proper disposal of finances, but apparently, the couple has accumulated and deeper differences.

      Marina Afrikantov threw Andrey Chueva for money

      Anyway, Andrey Chuev took a break and left the project to spend a month with his daughter from his first marriage. At this time saddened by the breakup of the Marina on to main womanizer of telestroke Ivan Barzakov. The young man smashed more than one woman’s heart in “the House-2”. However, the Marina has lost vigilance and answered the Chevalier back, not resist his charm.

      Ivan has started to conquer the Marina. He gave her a lavish date, gave beautiful flowers. Then the couple went on a five-hour walk in the summer Moscow, where there were no cameras, no inquisitive viewers. In the end, Barsikow made Africanoboi a pleasant surprise – he made a romantic video with it, then installed it from the clip. The girl could not resist and posted a video on his page in Instagram. In the video Ivan and Marina hug and gently kiss each other. Thus, Afrikantov no longer hide his new novel.

      Afrikantova video posted by M. (@marina_afrika) Jul 1 2016 12:29 PDT

      “Marina is the most beautiful, I love you, you’re the most awesome! Happiness to you, dear,” Afrikantov supported subscribers in the network. “Don’t come back to Chuev, people don’t change. I have approximately the same situation was, and I have suffered… But still gone. You should try it”, “Ivan Chuev is far more beautiful, much more adequate and solid, And let Chuev lost, that it the beauty of the world left,” “Marina, you look good, don’t listen to anyone that he does not have anything, if you want it will be! He is still young, it’s coming.”

      Andrey Chuev and Marina Afrikantov: the whole truth about the first wedding in the Seychelles

      We will remind many viewers of “House-2” was not at all surprised that the wedding Chuev Afrikantova and fell again. Fans who have closely followed the development of the relations of Marina and Andrew, I remember that at the end of last year, the participants of the reality show “Dom-2” has already canceled the wedding. It happened just a few weeks before the celebration.

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