Tatiana Navka secretly left on vacation

Татьяна Навка тайно улетела в отпуск
Skater with her daughters and mother resting on the sea.

Photo: Instagram

The last performance of the Grand performances on the ice “Ruslan and Lyudmila” was held on January 7 and today, two days later, his Creator Tatiana Navka already basking in the sun and listening to the sound of the surf.

While the whole country was resting, Navka and her entire team out on the ice and delighted the audience. And now the skater deserved rest! Despite the fact that the holidays have ended, daughter Tatiana accompany the mother. Nadya Peskova still small, she did not go to school, but Sasha Zhulin seems to have decided to skip a week or two of classes in order to have leisure in the company of moms.

However, fans can’t figure out where went starry site. On the one hand Sasha for several days in a row published photos clearly taken in the United Arab Emirates. This is evidenced by the lighted on one of the photos the building of the hotel “Sail”, one of the most famous and expensive in the world. Again on Christmas vacation Zhulin tried a new sport — riding a Board on the sand. And it is also a popular pastime in Dubai.

When first time in my life stood on a snowboard (no matter what it’s sand)

A post shared by Sasha Zhulin (@sashazhulina) on Jan 3, 2018 at 9:20am PST

But the scenery on the pictures that showed fans she Navka, very similar to the nature of the Maldives. Again, the sand under the boat, which sit Tatyana and Nadia, white, and in Dubai it’s yellow. Thus Tatyana says in the comments under the photo, both daughters, of course, rest with her.

Navka traditionally does not disclose the place in which it rests. She thinks it will protect it from unwanted her family undue attention from fans on vacation.

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