Селин Дион отменила два концерта из-за перенесенного нервного срыва
A fan attacked the singer on stage.

Celine Dion


Celine Dion is trying to clean up their nerves suffered during her
concert in Las Vegas earlier this week. She had cancelled two planned
show at Caesars Palace.
And although the official reason for the cancellation was a mysterious
the flu, the singer’s fans believe that her decision was a result of the incident,
happened at the last concert.

The ill-fated show was, as is usually the case with 49-year-old Dion, successfully — to
until one particularly active woman not climbed onto the stage. First
Celine decided that this woman, characterized by a stocky build, just
wanted to communicate with her better. But then events got out of control.
A fan grabbed Dion, squeeze her in his bear hug, he wrapped it around the hips
singer his foot and began to do the obscene movement. Apparently
the singer attacked the woman was not quite sober or under the influence
some doping.

Mortally frightened Celine, buried two years ago her beloved husband, tried to pull myself together and after a couple
minute tried to wrap the incident as a joke. She even recalled rushing her
help security, and she helped not too firmly standing on her two feet the woman
to descend from the stage. And although Dion worked honestly for the remaining portion of the show
trying to pretend that nothing happened, sitting in the first rows of the audience not
could not help but notice that the singer’s hands were shaking, and she was so pale that
it seemed, here-here will lose consciousness. Fans of the singer, who learned about the cancellation of the concerts, expressed their sympathy.
Celine and wished her a speedy recovery.