Tatiana Navka has shared photos family night after a bath

Татьяна Навка поделилась фото семейного вечера после бани Touching the celebrity, which depicted her husband and children, sparked heated debate on the Network. Fans of Tatiana Navka was delighted with the harmony that prevails in her house. They supported the publication of a women of many likes.

      Famous athlete Tatiana Navka often shares in his microblog touching pictures of loved ones. Recently, the celebrity has decided to show fans a real family idyll.

      In the picture, which has caused heated debate on the Network, you can see the skater, and her husband and children, couples – Nicholas, Elizabeth, Micah and Danny Sand, Sasha Zhulin and charming Nadia, a child of Tatiana and Dmitry. Sports star does not hide the pride for the family.

      “Traditional sauna evening, the whole family together. And these are all our children. A lot of them, but it’s so cool,” shared a woman in social networks.

      Fans of the grooves left many enthusiastic comments under her post. They found that women have a wonderful family. “A good tradition, everyone is happy”, “Cool”, “enjoy your bath!”, “Well done”, “Cool”, “loved ones is important! Without them man is lost in the hustle and bustle”, “Super”, “we, too, weekend is usually bath day. What you are cool and real”, “You look very happy and sincere”, “Good photo” “Great,” discussed social media users.

      In turn, Sasha Zhulin and Lisa Peskov also shared the moment the family idyll in their microblogs. “Once in a century!” – written by daughter Tatiana Navka in Instagram with glee about the fact that all of her family is finally gathered. “Traditional sauna evening,” commented one of podeschi Sasha.

      The day after the weekend spent in the warm company of loved ones, Lisa Peskov went back to France. The girl was studying marketing in one of the foreign universities. In recognition of Lisa, she is cosmopolitan and loves to travel. Because of the spectacular appearance of the successor to the press Secretary of the President of Russia is often compared with her younger sister Kim Kardashian Kylie Jenner. To keep myself in good shape, she plays sports and keeps the skin.

      Lisa Peskov: “My skin was drying up the blood”

      By the way, the son of Dmitry Peskov Michael not so long ago celebrated his birthday. On this wonderful occasion especially for him, baked a delicious cake in the form of a car with a personalized number. The photo of dessert published by the mother of a teenager – Ekaterina Peskova – in his Instagram. The birthday boy appreciated the gift appreciated. He thanked the parent for such an unusual gift.