The famous Director was in intensive care after being beaten in Paris

Известный режиссер попала в реанимацию после избиения в Париже Elena Surina became the victim of a brutal attack. The incident occurred in the French capital a few days ago. According to the girl, right next to the house she attacked the unknown man of European appearance. The result Surin was in the hospital in serious condition.

      Известный режиссер попала в реанимацию после избиения в Париже

      Journalists report that a documentary filmmaker and social activist Elena Surina became the victim of an attack in the French capital. The incident occurred on the night of March 31 near her home. According to Elena, she was attacked by a man of European appearance. Next, the attacker began to severely beat Surina, then fled the scene.

      Then she spent several days in intensive care in serious condition. Elena is diagnosed numerous injuries, and she was almost blind. Surin in the near future intends to visit a police station to testify.

      “I was returning home after work. I live in the 14th district is a very quiet neighborhood. As soon as I turned on his street and took ten steps, into me man… it Was obvious that he was an athlete. He hit me put blow. I fell on the curb, hit his head, began to scream with all his strength from the hellish pain I’ve been through… after some time I was surrounded by people. My face turned into a bloody mess, everything broken… It’s just awful, I was spoiled: I have a broken nose, cheekbones, eyebrow dissected, concussion. One eye is swelling, I don’t see anything”, – said Elena correspondents.
      Известный режиссер попала в реанимацию после избиения в Париже

      According to the Director, she didn’t know what was the cause of the aggressive behavior of an unknown man. However, Surin did not exclude the possibility that the attack was staged.

      Social media users immediately responded to the incident. “Please support this girl, indifference is off the charts! We ask you to pray for her. Elena – a young Director, writer, public figure and very beautiful people! A nightmare that she did,” wrote the Russians who live in Paris. They also described the attack on Surina as “brutal.”

      Note that Elena Surina is engaged in the promotion of Russian culture in France. In addition, she is known as a documentary filmmaker: Elena took a series of short films. One of the most famous works of Suriname for the film “the MIME without makeup”.

      During the conversation with reporters the girl has also reported that attacked her before. The previous incident took place two years ago. “I don’t know what’s happening here in Central Europe. Such unjustified cruelty” – quoted by Surina REN TV.