Татьяна Навка пришла на показ Юдашкина в прозрачной юбке

In the “Gostiny Dvor” took place the solemn opening of the fashion Week in Moscow. The first presented his collection of the legendary Russian designer Valentin Yudashkin, the show which has come a lot of guest stars. In the front row of a fashion show of autumn-winter 2016/17 could be seen Tatiana Navka, a long-standing fan of creative fashion designers.

Tatiana Navka was invited to a Grand show of new collection by Valentin Yudashkin. By the way, this evening the visitors of the fashion Week in Moscow was also an opportunity to assess the collection of this legendary fashion house Pierre Cardin. World famous French brand has become a special guest of the show Valentin Yudashkin.

Olympic figure skating champion appeared on the show in an elegant black-and-white outfit consisting of a skirt-MIDI from a translucent material with a fine perforation and a white blouse with detail in the form of decorative bibs. Tatiana Navka added a black jacket with embroidery and grey ankle-socks. A great conclusion to Luke was laconic hairstyle: Navka did a sloppy ponytail, which perfectly fits into her image.

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