Армани будет шить одежду из «меха Чебурашки»

Legendary designer decided to abandon the use of animal derived materials in creating their collections.

Giorgio Armani announced to the world that no longer sew clothes of leather and fur. The designer now prefer more environmentally friendly materials and synthetic analogs of the above materials.

Many designers refuse to use fur and leather. For example, Stella McCartney has long been trying to fight cruelty to animals. Each collection is created with eco-friendly synthetic fabrics, which, among other things, do not harm the environment.

In her footsteps, it seems, decided to go and Giorgio Armani. Now in his collections you will see outfits from the so-called eco-leather and “fur Cheburashka”. By the way, high-quality faux fur sometimes looks less realistic and beautiful than natural. The only minus is, perhaps, the low capacity of artificial furs to keep warm, but I think customers Armani is not so important.

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