Татьяна Михалкова: «Малыши дергают Никиту Сергеевича за усы» The wife of a famous Director said “StarHit”, why not intervene in the upbringing of grandchildren. According to Tatyana Mikhalkova, the children of daughters and son learned a lot from her, and every time that I look forward to meeting with her grandmother to show off their new skills.

      Татьяна Михалкова: «Малыши дергают Никиту Сергеевича за усы»

      The President of “Russian Silhouette” project, which for 20 years supports young fashion designers, Tatyana Mikhalkov celebrates its anniversary. The date of the circular, the wife of the Director will celebrate in a big way – the restaurant in the evening she was presented designers and colleagues from the charitable Foundation headed by Mr. Alexandr Mitroshenkov, a longtime friend of the star couple.

      “Everything is impossible!”

      Tatiana Yevgenyevna, and separately with the family will celebrate? Maybe cook something special?
      Татьяна Михалкова: «Малыши дергают Никиту Сергеевича за усы»I really want to. Family and friends – it is 20 people. Yes, friends… all of you should get outside the city it is becoming increasingly difficult in children, their families, work. All live in different parts of Moscow. Watch leave to get at each other. But still I want to see you for Sunday lunch and indulge in our signature dishes hunting – boar cutlets and satsivi of the grouse.
      Татьяна Михалкова: «Малыши дергают Никиту Сергеевича за усы»
      The grandchildren miss?
      Татьяна Михалкова: «Малыши дергают Никиту Сергеевича за усы»Because of work I’m always traveling, but, being in Moscow, I try to meet with them – skating, skiing. The older grandchildren – the boys busy. Sergei and Natasha attend the same schools, same teachers, and at one time Nadia, and Ann. Natasha, daughter of Artema, 14, and, according to others, granddaughter – copy me. She is interested in design, drama and art studios, and great draws. Andrew was 16 until future occupation is undecided, he recently went to study at the Lyceum of the Financial Academy. And Sergei, which this year will only be 16, attracted by the work of the cameraman. Grandchildren I have advanced – that you guys helped me two years ago to start a Facebook page and instagram. I could not understand, how to upload photos how to sign them, but they explained. The youngest – three-year-old Joe and five-year Lida and Nina – also a business: they have classes in dance, training at the rink. When you come to Nadia to the guests, the kids want to show what we can do. I love it when the grandchildren make me presents with your own hands. Nadya and Anya, of course, clever, and very much involved with the kids.
      You strict grandmother, or, on the contrary, all the grandchildren were allowed to?
      Татьяна Михалкова: «Малыши дергают Никиту Сергеевича за усы»Rather, the first. I’m such a classic old-fashioned grandmother from the Soviet era, whose motto is “Everything is impossible!” – make noise, run around the apartment to catch up, to play football in the apartment. And Anya and Nadya in this regard loyal. And they are not eager, so I in the education of the grandchildren involved. But not to say that at home everything is allowed – guys mode. Nikita too small, nothing really forbids, every year it becomes softer. Loves to do magic and at such moments he turns into a baby. Junior can do with your grandfather’s anything. Sometimes, even twitch his mustache… But do not think that we have the house always reigns idyll, all together rare. We are often not in the capital I in “Russian Silhouette” drive around the city husband at his work. Nikita always busy, his iron schedule. And Depachika near Nizhny Novgorod, in the village, it does work: script writing, resting and hunting.
      Татьяна Михалкова: «Малыши дергают Никиту Сергеевича за усы»

      “Not criticism”

      In one interview you said that being a wife Mikhalkov is very difficult.
      Татьяна Михалкова: «Малыши дергают Никиту Сергеевича за усы»Wife to generally be difficult, and Nikita – different planet a lot of people: someone for the mountain, and some want to destroy. It’s because he’s by nature a fighter, besogon. If I have soft temper, I can’t live in conflict, do not know how to move through life, pushing people with their elbows, then he is a leader, accustomed to go ahead. He is a great Director, his movies when he takes off, everything else goes by the wayside.
      Татьяна Михалкова: «Малыши дергают Никиту Сергеевича за усы»
      Your daughters are also actively removed on screens soon, the film will be released “Selfie” with Anna in the lead role, and Nadia last year worked a lot in Beijing… Bored?
      Татьяна Михалкова: «Малыши дергают Никиту Сергеевича за усы»Yes, I think it’s already in Chinese says. When the girls on the road, I endlessly worried. Ana 42, Nadia 30, 40 Artem, but for me they remain children. Wherever they may be, we are always connected. Call each other several times a day – how anyone care who does what. Laugh, what information we have on the Internet posted… About us what did not write wonder when we read.—
      Sometimes that becomes frustrating read?
      Yes, we criticize the years – tired to be upset. And I do not have time all those rumors to read – no time to sit on the Internet. “Praise and slander accept indifferently and not osporava fool…” If we do something unpleasant will read and rasperezhivalas, grandchildren soothe me, saying, do you not understand that this is complete nonsense? Not have to heart to take…