Светлана Лобода отвергает бизнесменов The singer knows next to the man she will feel like a stone wall. After a series of setbacks Svetlana Loboda wants to find happiness in his personal life. The artist understands that not everyone can accept her success in career.

      The singer Svetlana Loboda more than two years ago broke up with her civil husband Andrew King. Now the actress herself has a daughter the me, was really exciting. The former soloist of group “VIA Gra” were told that they were able to maintain friendly relations with the former chosen one, but because he takes an active part in a child’s life. Svetlana admits that now her heart is free. Sexy actress understands that not all men are right for her.

      “I do not even consider business — want a wife who will care for them, to worship. And perhaps rightly so — the man should be the breadwinner and the woman — wife, which makes life warm and pleasant wife, set up home and involved children. But times have changed, women have become stronger. And, maybe, men have become weaker? Whatever it was, of course, somewhere in the subconscious I dream to meet a man who is stronger than me, which I could hide,” says the singer.

      The singer with the sensual voice admitted that she had the unfortunate experience of a close relationship with businessman Alexander. The man became her concert Manager. However, this novel not only brought a woman happiness, but also caused a deep depression. Former Deputy sued for Svetlana to deprive of the rights to her repertoire. After that Loboda has received threats, but friends helped her cope with a difficult period in my life.

      The artist understands that the specific nature of her work requires patience from the chosen one. However, Svetlana hopes to find a man who will accept her lifestyle, and also like a daughter.

      “Marriage is a big responsibility and to be loved and to myself. For me, this is extremely difficult because I’m never home. A man who will share with me life, or absolutely crazy, or people in my profession,” admitted the actress.

      Svetlana admitted edition Woman.ru she will tell the fans when you meet the man of her dreams, despite the fact that, like many domestic stars of show business, trying not to focus on his personal life.