Анна Седокова не переживает, что ее никто не возьмет замуж с тремя детьми

About pregnancy Anna Sedokova star party spoke in December 2016. But then the singer chose to remain silent and not comment on the rumors. Now, when the situation Sedokova became apparent, she decided to talk in detail about pregnancy and about the father of their unborn third child.

“I used to think that it is necessary to marry, and only after that to have a child, there’s someone I have something. But I am 34. And at this age I already have a right no one should be. Believe that a woman has every right to have a child not because she is married, but because she wants to be happy. And she can be a mom and not sit at home. Can obtain education and work. Yes, it can be me no one else married with three children will not take. But no matter all this. And anyway, I expect five children from different husbands,” commented Anna’s third pregnancy.

The main intrigue – who is the father of the baby is not yet disclosed. Anna is in no hurry to name his new chosen one, but says he was happy when he learned that he would have a son. The same delight experienced and daughter Anna: “the Father was incredibly happy. And the children, I was not told until the 5th or even more months. When told that they have a little brother, then responded. Alina resigned — said, “I’m ready, if you buy me a cat.” And Monica delighted with the full — kisses, hugs my belly every minute”.