Виктория Боня обрела счастье после личной драмы TV presenter tries not to despair after breaking up with a lover. A few months the woman was hiding, broke up with Alex Servicom. Despite the break with the father of your daughter, Bonya looks to the future positively.

      Shocking to followers of Victoria Boni was the news of her breakup with businessman Alexander Servicom. The exact cause of the breakup of one of the brightest pairs of secular parties unknown. According to the presenter, they made the decision together with the chosen one. At some point it seemed that the feelings have cooled and they can be friends. Former lovers now share a common daughter Angelina Leticia, which give the opportunity to spend time with each of the parents.

      Victoria Bonia left Monaco after the statement about breaking up with a millionaire

      Now, the star continues to lead a normal lifestyle, travels a lot, meets friends for her people and shows that happy with the situation. The celebrity said that for her the most important thing is to accept the reality of the situation. According to her, she does not require from the fate of the impossible.

      “For me, happiness is to live every moment of life in awareness, being here and now! Even when you’re waiting in line, what we usually don’t like to do, to stand and to smile at life because now I live, see, hear, breathe and unable to stand on his own feet,” said Bonia.

      Victoria admits that her family comes first in importance. For women there is no one more important than the people closest to you. But speaking on the topic of happiness, she said that she needed to feel every passing moment. The followers of the presenter understood the words of Victoria and supported it. They expressed the view that the adoption of a circumstances with all the pluses and minuses and there is a formula for success. Many believe that without love of neighbor, and even an unfamiliar person is difficult to feel happy.

      Victoria Bonia thanked for support after a breakup with her husband

      To know the opinion of the audience, Bonia asked what they understand under the concept “happiness”. Members shared their observations, noting that each has its own priorities.

      “For me, happiness is to be needed by someone, to bring joy to people and generally to be engaged in favourite business”, “For me happiness is traveling, the holiday when dreams and wishes come true, even the most tiny”, “For me personally, happiness is to develop something new, or pick one day a week for yourself and do what you dream”, “Happiness in little moments, that I can feel, see, or Vice versa,” – shared his thoughts followers of Victoria.

      Fans of the TV presenter also gave her advice about how best to behave in this situation. Some shared their own experience. Many believe that your true happiness in your personal life Bonia else you can find.

      We will remind that Alexander Smurfit began to meet with Russian celebrity in 2010. A few years later was born the heiress of a pair of Angelina Leticia. All this time the lovers lived in Monaco. Fans could not get enough of Victoria. However, many were embarrassed that Bonia and Smurfit are not in official relations, but the star always found that excuse. The ill-wishers of Victoria Boni accused her husband of infidelity