Tatiana Bulanova found the strength to talk about the divorce with Radimov

Татьяна Буланова нашла в себе силы рассказать о разводе с Радимовым
The singer shared details of separation from her husband.

Tatiana Bulanova and Vladislav Radimov

Photo: @radimov02 Instagram Vladislav Radimov

Tatiana Bulanova was very upset by the breakup with her second husband. Officially, the singer received the divorce papers with Vladislav Radimov on 1 December last year. About the same time the actress hinted in social media that the reason for the parting was the infidelity of her husband. But sharing details of Tatyana did not become. According to the singer, she was so bad she just couldn’t find the strength to comment on the incident.

Recently, the singer gave an interview in which already easily talked about divorce. “The fact that Kolya (her first husband — approx. ed.) I got divorced because she fell in love with Vlad. Vlad and I parted ways for a very different reason. I decided that it would be correct and better. Of course, if I fell, I would have moved to a new state and it would be easier. And so sad that’s all…” — said Tatiana in the TV show “Family album”.

However, Tatiana admitted that does not regret the divorce. Bulanov said: her relationship with Vladislav after the break only became stronger. “We now have a great relationship. I think after a divorce are better than they were!” she said. This is confirmed by the General’s son a pair of ten — year old Nikita. He is parting parents reacted calmly. Moreover, he noticed only the advantages of the fact that the parents no longer live together. Because of this, according to the son Bulanova, they established a warmer relationship.

By the way, despite the divorce, in early March, Tatyana celebrated her birthday at a romantic dinner with her ex-husband. The singer also said that the media offered her large fees for the detailed story about the collapse of family life, but Tatiana did not want to “wash dirty linen in public” and left the true reasons for the divorce secret from the public.