Beyonce proudly showed his huge belly

Бейонсе гордо продемонстрировала свой огромный живот
The singer celebrated Easter in the family circle.

Beoynce with mom and sister

Photo: @mstinalawson Instagram

In the microblog mom Beyonce there is a new photo, which is now busy discussing
fans of the singer. First of all, drew attention to the impressive dimensions
the abdomen of a pregnant wife of JZ. And Beyonce has not only not tried it
to hide, but rather emphasized their curvaceous shapes with a very tight
her figure-fitting white dress. In this case, the singer have to bear their
twins for quite some time — the birth is expected until June, so the stomach
the singer has yet to grow up… New photo was also of interest to more and
the view that it is the singer showed off a new hairstyle: it
braided lots of little braids and adorned them with the gold beads.
Since Beyonce is considered one of the icons of fashion in overseas
show business, it can be expected that this hairstyle this summer will be fashionable

Some of
fans of the singer noticed that this hairstyle would be very useful for music
the Coachella festival, which takes place now in California. In fact, Beyonce
going to go to the festival, not only as spectators.
She had planned to perform at Coachella, but her show was canceled due to a
the advice of doctors who felt that it would be too much of a stress for
the pregnant singer. As a result of its place in the program of the festival had to take
Lady Gaga. And Beyonce is a festival preferred
to go on Easter vacation to Bora Bora in the company of her spouse Jay Z. Here
the couple rented a private Villa, where Beyonce basically rested and read, and its
husband was water skiing.

In America
the singer and her husband returned only to Easter, which is the wife of Jay Z celebrated
mother — Tina Lawson and best friend Kelly Rowland, which she at one
time performing in the group Destiny’s Child. As for the second daughter Tina — Solange Knowles, it is this day
are unable to attend a family holiday, as, unlike the sisters,
did not cancel his performance at the festival.