Татьяна Буланова может вернуться к мужу The singer for a time reunited with the ex-spouse. Tatiana Bulanova and Vladislav Radimov has appeared together at a hockey game, which SKA has won a victory over “Avant-garde”. The game also enjoyed their son Nikita. Joint appearance by the ex-spouse in public has caused speculation among the public.

      Last year it became known that Tatyana Bulanova divorced from her husband Vladislav Radimov. The news came as a surprise to fans of the star couple, who to the last had hoped that the celebrities will be able to cope with the problems in the relationship. However, this did not happen. Saying goodbye with her husband, Tatiana Bulanova said that he can always count on her help and support.

      Tatiana Bulanova afraid to talk to your son about the breakup with her husband

      The singer and coach of “Zenit-2” Vladislav Radimov has provoked rumors about a possible reunion. The ex-wife together attended a hockey game held at the ice Palace. The company Tatyana and Vladislav was their nine-year son Nikita.

      Recall that the divorce Bulanova Radimov and first became known in December last year. Then music star made a post on social networks, in which she thanked her husband for years together. Soon Tatyana deleted your post. Later Bulanova explained why it happened. As it turned out, the woman didn’t want to read negative comments, and also feared the reaction of the son to the parting of the parents.

      In an interview with reporters Tatiana voiced the reason why I decided to go with Vladislav. According to the artist, their relationship lacked sincerity. Apparently, over time, Bulanova has lost feelings for husband. Thus the woman recognizes that the player is a great father who will do anything for my son. Tatiana also admitted that he had no regrets about what happened.

      Tatiana Bulanova and Vladislav Radimov got married in October 2005. They broke up after 11 years of marriage. Just before announce their final parting, the couple celebrated the anniversary.

      Apparently, the singer and the athlete has remained in good relations. At the disposal of journalists turned out to be a video made by one of the spectators of the game. It is possible to see, as the heir Bulanova enthusiastically watching the match with his mother, while his dad was filming on a mobile phone. In a video posted on Life.ru the former spouse does not serve a single hint that they are together again. Perhaps Tatiana and Vladislav decided to reunite with my son for a short period of time