Алия Мустафина впервые станет мамой The father of the Victor of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro reported that the athlete is in an interesting position. Spouse aliyah, bobsledder Alexey Zaytsev, resides in the seventh heaven of happiness. Parent Mustafina told when the planned birth of his daughter.

      Not long ago, Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina married a bobsledder Alexey Zaitsev. In an interview with the chosen athletes openly admitted that she wants kids. As it became known, the lovers were able to realize their dreams in life. The father of the gymnast told reporters that she is in an interesting position. He also outlined the expected timing of the emergence of a child into the world.

      Choice of Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina: “She wants kids”

      “Daughter give birth in the summer. The doctors say that in July. The sex of the baby young is not recognized. Not up to it, then learn. My son-in-law of hard-working families. The parents of Alex all life on earth is plowed, they are now retired. In the family of four brothers. Now, Alex is the youngest. The wedding was held in early November, and soon son-in-law left for training camp. Young live in Moscow, my daughter has a separate apartment. She’s ready to become a mother”, – said Farhat akhatovich.

      Aliya Mustafina is trying not to put Instagram photos in tight clothes. On one of recent pictures the girl depicted in a dark shirt, hiding her pregnancy. Despite his interesting situation, aliyah continues to play sports and keep myself in good shape. Fans Mustafina, suspecting the imminent completion of her family found that she blossomed.

      Recall that the wedding Aliya Mustafina and Alexei Zaitsev took place in November last year. It was attended by only relatives and friends of the couple. The celebration took place in Krasnodar. About a happy event in the lives of athletes became known through social networks. In the Internet appeared the first photos from the ceremony. The photographs, which pleased fans of aliyah and Alexis, they look happy and peaceful. Fans rushed to congratulate them with a change in marital status.

      Aliya Mustafina and Alexei Zaitsev met in the fall of 2015. After some time, the couple began to make plans for the future together. Despite the fact that the tight schedule prevented athletes often see each other, they still remained in touch. Alex couldn’t go along with alia for the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, but did not stop support of its second half. He constantly wrote her warm words of support. And after it became known about the pregnancy Mustafina, rabbits began to care about her even more, according to “Express newspaper”.