Чудом выживший Расул Мирзаев готовится к бою MMA fighter is gradually getting better. Recall that all Christmas holidays Mirzayev spent in the hospital, because at the end of December, unknown assailants attacked the athlete and caused him serious injuries. Rasul wants to leave a medical facility soon.

    Famous MMA fighter Rasul Mirzayev plans to return to training in a month. At the moment, the athlete is still in the hospital. 31 December in the apartment Mirzaev broke three intruders. They tried to kill the athlete and fired 14 shots from a traumatic gun and choked him with a chain. If not time to provide medical help, Rasul could die on the spot.

    Doctors fought for life of the athlete. The surgery was performed and extracted all the bullets. According to doctors, Mirzaev was diagnosed cherepno-a brain trauma and numerous bruises and hematomas. A few days ago, Rasul got in touch with journalists and acquaintances. In the microblog fighter placed the picture on which you can see some injuries and traces of green fodder. However, it is going to soon be discharged from the hospital. The man thanked people for their support.

    “The trials and tribulations are given to us in order to see the truth. See how many faithful and loyal people are with you! Thanks for the support of all friends. Left quite a bit,” wrote Rasul.

    According to some media reports, Mirzayev was beaten because of a quarrel in a nightclub. The athlete stood up for his friend, the MMA fighter Artem Lobov. Law enforcement bodies find out, who exactly retaliated Rasul. According to the police, one of the suspects was arrested.

    The fighter hopes that doctors will allow him to return to the ring after discharge from the hospital. “Once released from the hospital, immediately begin intensive study. For me a rematch with Georgian Levan Makashvili means a lot. I will try to do my best to show in this battle, your maximum. I think a month will need to fully heal. Then we can start to run and start training,” – said Mirzaev.

    Yet that the athlete plans to take the last survey, in particular, as he said Life.ru he needs to check again the victim eyes and sleep well.