«Пожалуйста, не волнуйтесь»: Киркоров, Басков и другие поддержали тапки Пугачевой The stars followed the example of the prima Donna and posted funny videos. The hero of every video steel flip-flops. On the eve of the Pugachev surprised the Internet with his response to criticism from detractors, who insisted that the singer was shown on TV new year’s eve.

      On the eve of the network appeared in a short video, which flashed pink sneakers Alla Pugacheva. Voice-Diva explained that it does not matter what people think about her work some people. This appeal is the star of devoted detractors who suggested that the singer has no place in the air new year’s eve. Alla Pugacheva about the scandal: “Live more”

      Colleagues actress on the stage, decided to follow her Prime Minister. Celebrities photographed his shoes and told how to relate to all the hype created around Divas. Such action stars was a continuation of the flash mob who arranged the musicians in social networks under the hashtag #mysapace.

      Be the first to repeat the experience with those Slippers decided Nikolai Baskov. The singer posted a video signature which indicated that opens the baton of such clips.

      “Please don’t worry. No need to collect any signatures. Collect better money. After all, when you have a lot of money, you do not have to collect signatures. You don’t like the same stars… Right! You have to like the same star. Live on, happy and fun or sad and tedious, but who as loves,” said Nicholas.

      Philip, who is in Miami on vacation, caught my white flip-flops. His movie begins with the same words as Baskov and Alla Pugacheva.

      “Please don’t worry. Not in the signature case, and not sneakers, and not even in jackets. If someone doesn’t like something, not necessarily to put us aware of this. Try this shock to survive on their own. You ask how we react when we say bad? To speak badly about us, those who are worse than us. Those who are better than those before us,” – said Kirkorov.

      The singer passed the baton to Yana Rudkovskaya. However, the producer does not have time to remove the clip. A real story about the journey of Slippers published radio host Roman Emelyanov. One of the flops “drowning in the sea,” but his friends are quickly rescued. At the end of the video voice-over says that only one of the six sneakers would like to see something fresh in the new year night, alluding to the situation with the petition, which the authors want to watch the broadcasts with other celebrities.