Ольга Шелест поставила на сноуборд младшую дочь
The presenter introduces Muse and iris of the sport.

Ольга Шелест поставила на сноуборд младшую дочь


This winter Olga Shelest decided to put on my snowboard
younger daughter iris, who is only a year and five months. Presenter published
a photo of two small boards on which fans and determined that it is
the turn iris to master this sport.

Muse stood on a snowboard before that — a year and two months. While many condemned the presenter: this kind
sports are too extreme for a young lady. Rustle took the time and
answered struck her criticism. “A child in a year or two maybe
a maximum of 5 minutes to stand on the Board! He’s not rolling from the mountains, twists flips. It
just standing on a flat surface and catches the balance, — said the presenter. — When
walking and especially running, the load on the spine is many times higher! The funny thing is,
what the child learns his body, learns to balance, breathing in the frosty mountain
air, spending time with my parents and just kicks”. Rustle sure
the child should be taught that they can parents. “We are not in a breakage to learn it from the cradle,
even if in this age it is a waste of time. We’re just having
time”, — explained the star. Therefore,the fact that iris, too, used to stand on the Board,
to no one’s surprise.

But the Muse, which 1
November was three years old, calmly ride the mountain with confidence
holds. The photos show that the girl gets from riding incredible

Muse and iris